Tunisia has just made it into the quarter finals thanks to a draw with the incredible Angolan team. The great losers of this group are Senegal and South Africa. The match between us and Angola though, it was very defensive. Both teams were desperate not to lose, so they didn't take any risks. That meant that play was average, despite some good tries from the Tunisian side, who once again had to play with a reshuffled team because of manager Roger Lemerre. But Tunisia has qualified- and come first in their group! And now they'll be up against the somewhat frightening Cameroon; a team that, despite a large defeat by Egypt in their first match, are largely considered as one of the best on the continent. They were only defeated in their first match because of bad preparation. But now, they're like an unstoppable monster, crushing everything in its path. The big test for Cameroon will be this Monday faced with those untameable Lions. A victory will mean reconciliation with the public, a defeat will mean bye bye for Roger Lemerre."