Hu Jia films his jailers passing the time with a game of cards

Last month we publicised the case of blogger Hu Jia, arrested at his home on 27 December for openly criticising the organisation of the Olympic Games. Here we publish an extract from the documentary ‘Prisoners in Freedom City', that he and his wife Jeng filmed in the year before his arrest. This is the direct testimony of a Chinese dissident under 24h supervision by secret police.

Forces mobilise worldwide

The European Parliament adopted a resolution demanding the release of Hu Jia on 17 January 2008. Chinese and foreign web-users are also rallying up support. There is a blog about the situation, in English, that is updated daily. Particular attention is paid to Zeng Jinyan, imprisoned in her own home with a baby of two months. Her domicile is surrounded by the police, who have cut her telephone and intenet connections.

Internet-users have also gathered on Facebook, where there is a 'cause' for the couple, and even on Google Maps; Chinese activists have marked Zeng's home on the map, along with where the secret police usually loiter to stop foreign journalist from getting in:



‘Prisoners in Freedom City’ (part three)



Video posted on YouTube by 'dxzine37', 17 January 2008
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