Pakistani students cover protests on campus

By Team Observers

Since the declaration of a state of emergency on 03 November, all the privately-owned news channels – Geo, Dawn and Ary – have been blocked by the Pakistani cable operators. But internet users have got together to circulate these prohibited programmes online.


'Rizwan', student and citizen journalist

Like they did in recent events in Burma, groups of students got together to film the demonstrations, paying special to police intervention. ‘Rizwan’, a student at the University of Lahore, was one of these ‘citizen journalists’. On Monday, he covered a rally organised by lawyers outside the supreme court, and posted his photos of the event on Flickr a few hours later, with comments added. Contacted by the Observers team, the young internet-user explained that he only wanted to prove that the demonstrations were peaceful, and show the brutality of the police forces. He wants the photos to be distributed far and wide by the media, “to put a stop to this absurd repression".

Youtube against censorship

Censured channels’ programmes are posted on Youtube by Pakistanis who live abroad. They’re then published on the blogs of the opposition parties, particularly Free Pakistan. The quality of the images is of course very poor, but it’s a sneaky system that proves effective in getting around state censorship.


Where are we going ….?

Dear sir/Madam,
Where are we going ….?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah,The FATHER OF NATION, in his 11 August 1947 Speech to the Constituent Assembly made it adequately clear that it would be a comprehensive and pluralistic democracy promising equal rights for all citizens regardless of religion, caste or creed, Pakistan was born as democratic state. In fact it has been failure of Pakistan socio-political system ,where in, Pakistani people are left at distant from the corridor of power so that the ruling elite, can do what they wanted to do in favors of their interest, leaving the Pakistani people at the mercy of circumstances. As this policy is denial of right of Pakistani people to rule their country according to their aspiration and desire to build this country, which can provide equal opportunity to all without any discrimination for the establishment of welfare society the dream never, come true till today.

Because of corrupt politician of Pakistan the army was tempted again and again place for one after another military rule. It would be wrong to blame Pakistan army wholly for having usurped power for more than half of its life. It was in fact feudal corrupt politician that facilitated first martial law in Pakistan.

There can be no denying that Chief of CIA and his brother John Foster Dulles who was then Secretary of State who played key role in bringing Pakistan under martial law the feudal politician were responsible for the army rule. As unfolding the situation that brought Pakistan under martial law. Altaf Gauhar biographer of Ayub Khan writes, Americans convinced their friend Iskander Mirza to handover power to Ayub Khan on 7 October 1958. Had there been shrewd political leadership in Pakistan in 1958, perhaps democracy would have taken firm roots in that country. Again, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto shown eagerness and patience during 7 March 1977 elections not to speak of Pakistan coming under martial law, perhaps, would have been alive and ruling at present. He would have most likely won a majority, even if not two thirds of majority. apparently it was again weak handling of the post-Kargil war situation by political leadership that catapulted General Musharraf to power.
However, it is not for the first time that people of Pakistan have spoken in favors of democracy, but whenever they got a break, they manifested their faith in democracy, so they did it on 18 February 2008.

The Political leadership in Pakistan needs to understand that it was people’s anger against the establishment that went into the ballot-boxes, and not one but all the political parties that have benefited from the popular rise, be obliged it to the voting public to work in combination, because no single party is in a position to go it alone. It seems that the wisdom from past mistakes has distilled upon Pakistan leadership and there is all likelihood of emergence of a national consensus for running of the country. If we believed the PPP and PML (N) leaders have send a message to USA about working without President Musharraf.

It will be difficult to say at this stage because their return to Pakistan was conditional, if President Musharraf stays or goes but there are all indications that he will not have a smooth nautical but will have to travel through many disorderly seas before he complete his tenure.

Presidents and Prime Minister have come and gone in the past but it did not make a difference, regarding President Musharraf talked about Country. I am not here to doubt the intentions and sincerity of Pervez Musharraf but there can be no two opinions as to

whose approach was proper or in the interest of people of Pakistan, No political party that was in the election arena raised a finger against the centralized power in the hands of one person or few of them Nobody talk about to empower the Pakistani at grass route level, why? Because they to, want to grab, total power in their own hand.

We have already lost the major part of Pakistan in 1971 simply to save the centralized sole power in the hands of ruling elite to exploit this country by the ruling leaders they let the country break in part then allowing the masses to rule this country democratically. In the present circumstances we are again dragging our sovereignty at stack for the external interest in the name of national interest, instead of our interest i.e. the interest of Pakistani people at large.

That mean only the society base on tolerance, equality and justice can be the real guarantee for the prosperous and strong Pakistan there for your intention is invited to the crucial movement which could be the point of distraction or disaster.

The only way -out of these crucial circumstances is to empower the common Pakistani at grass route level i.e. the change of system. This change is inevitable for the prosperous Pakistan .As a citizen of this country I have try to provide an alternate socio-political system to empower the masses at grass route level for rapid industrial and agriculture development with transparency and accountability in the system. Along with basic guarantees for the creation of welfare state, where in public representative and institution shall be answerable and accountable to the masses.


Ilyas khan Baloch