From our Observer in Karachi: “We can’t even leave the house. They’ve already burnt a thousand cars.”

Our Observer in Karachi (south Pakistan) keeps us updated on the unfolding of events.

It's not only Bhutto activists in the street. A lot of poor people are getting involved in the riots too, just because they're desperate. Nobody dares go outside. Especially if there's a car, because it's bound to get set on fire. There are loads of mad theories going round about how Bhutto was killed, which are fuelling the violence even more. The funeral is in less than two hours. Everyone is scared of another attack. The government has sent out army rangers to control the situation. They've been told that if they see rioters they can shoot at first sight. It's the same all over the country, not just in Karachi where I live."

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Photos of the destruction in Karachi and Multan

Photos taken at 5.35 this morning (Pakistan time) by 'Far0ck' in Karachi, south Pakistan


Multan (central Pakistan) at 9pm yesterday






People were burnt alive,

People were burnt alive, Billion of rupees worth of private property was looted or destroyed. I have been waiting since then to see even one so called national leader come forward and condemn these acts. That's the tragedy of Pakistan. We don't have even a single national leader. They are all lilliputian, so small in there stature that they can't be seen outside of there protective cocoons.

wat r all going to do about

wat r all going to do about it dont allof yall go to jail for doing that stuff

Lootin and Burning and killing of inocent people for plotical re

For three days Proporties were looted Cars Trucks were burnt Factories where works were bus in prducingin goods were set on fire and the worst part is Kidnaping women while going back from work.
These ino0cent people
who were killed to achive there plotical moptive were not given the status of SHEED because they were not plotical celeberties
Media waited for a long time to express sampathy on these tragic losse
I have not seen coment by any plotical leader and there concern on these losses. Although these leaders were very swift in cllin a press confrence long marchs and what not


wat dos that mean

wat dos that mean



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