Killed for filming police brutality on his mobile

When Wei Wenhu saw police forces beating up protesting villagers in Tianmen (central China), he took out his mobile and filmed the scene. But when he was spotted and tried to run away, he found himself being chased by around 20 police officers.

He cried that he would delete the photos and even give the policemen his phone. But it didn't make any difference. Wenhu was brutally beaten and succumbed to his injuries in hospital the same day, 7 January. The incident has outraged bloggers, whose online respects to this ‘citizen journalist' increase daily. Under pressure, the authorities have decided to undertake an investigation into the blunder, and have even fired the head of the city's police force.

In a country where the media is largely government controlled and heavily censored, images of police brutality usually find their way into the public eye on the internet. Here, some of those videos that the authorities would rather they didn't find their way out.


Violent arrests

Anhui province (east)- 16 February 2007. The video was taken during an anti-expropriation protest.

"Put your phone away"

Guangzhou city (south) - 21 June 2007


Bloggers’ photos

Photos from " target="_blank">Zhaomu


The story is not that sad.

The story is not that sad. At the end of the day, the police officer responsible for this murder has been dismissed. It shows that, even in China, things are improving. It's not democracy. But times are changing. And the authorities are now held responsible for their crimes.

A different perspective...

I try to understand Ange's comment - but my perspective is different.

The police officer has been dismissed, but the policies that led to the murder are still there. If the actions of the police were open for all to photograph and report on there would be no need for people to die.

The only reason the police

The only reason the police got into trouble for this was because of internet publicity. Otherwise wouldn't this just have been ignored?

Haven't you see the pictures

Haven't you see the pictures are about the hurted people? Why you ignored the victims under the policy brutality?