Kenyan web users gang together on ‘Google Maps’

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Text messages played an important part in the Kenya protests at the end of last month. Now, Kenyan bloggers have found a new way to circulate information about the riots, rapes and murders that tear through their country. Our Observer Daudi Were, one of the project organisers, explains to us how it works.


Daudi Were, our Observer in Nairobi

I got together with a few other bloggers to create a Google Map on the site, where web users report incident details and whereabouts. You can even update the chart by sending a text! We try to verify the information we receive by checking with our contacts in the country. If it's not sure, then we indicate that clearly. I'm quite insistent that we mention not only negative and violent incidents, but also ‘peace initiatives'.

In a few weeks, when things have calmed down, the media will forget about us. But this way, there will still be a resource for Kenyan people to get information from."


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