Blogger put in prison for criticising the Olympic Games

The famous blogger and defender of human rights Hu Jia was arrested on Dec. 27 for criticising the organisers of the Olympic Games. Specifically, he compared the Beijing Olympic Games to those organised by Nazi Germany in 1936. Hu Jia, 34, has been under house arrest since May last year. Accused of 'inciting subversion of state power',a criminal charge usually used against political dissidents, he risks more than ten years in prison. His wife Zeng Zinyan, also a blogger, is now unable to leave the house and is denied access to the telephone or internet. The couple have a baby of hardly more than one month old. Zhang, our regional editor for China, says that with eight months to go until the Olympics, the government is already tightening up on online comment.

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“The top boss of the Olympic Games is also the chief of the Ministry of Public Security”

Transcript of a speech Hu Jia gave to the European Parliament by web cam at the time of his hearing (27 November 2007).

Any human rights activists that talk too loudly are silenced. Millions of innocent people are persecuted in China. They are beaten, imprisoned and sometimes even sent to psychiatric hospitals. Every day the public security minister causes a catastrophe in human rights! As for the Olympic Games, we all hoped they would bring democracy. But the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] just uses the games as a way to enhance itself, as was the case in 1936 [referring to the 1936 Olympics organised by Nazi Germany]. Right now, persecution rates in China are at their highest. To give you an idea: the top boss in charge of the Olympics is also the chief of the Ministry of Public Security in Beijing! That's really ironic. It's as if the mafia was in charge of the Olympics."

Hu Jia at the hospital after his wife gave birth

November 2007

Commentary from Zhang, our regional editor for China

Hu Jia is a good person. He fights for the environment, for AIDS sufferers, and for human rights. His online pen name is ‘Freeborn’. That sums up his life. He’s won numerous international prizes, but was always being followed by the authorities. His blog is inaccessible in China. I admire this man a lot and I really hope that he is not condemned."


This is a shame...

China is going too far. And european leaders are today too scared to face big China. From any point of view. Incredible to say, athletes will this time be in charge of making the Dragon to respect human rights...
Here my opninion:

I will pray for this

I will pray for this courageous young man.
May this evil regime fall apart.