In the Big Apple, everyone knows Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – or so he says

This speech was delivered at a Nov. 11 gathering of Revolutionary Guards, or Pasdaran, as the dreaded security force is known across Iran. The meeting was in the Iranian capital of Tehran. We've simply added the sub-titles. At the end of the video, Ahmadinejad mentions his recent visit to New York, "where everyone knows me".

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President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad your speech is missing the point

Mr. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Your speech concerning 20-30 big black cars, represents the interests of protection for yourself and all whom are within those black cars.
If you had visited New York without having ever been known as President of Iran, you could have been potentially walking among all those people instead of having had protection.
Your speech is definately directed towards a naive domestic Iranian public because even that protection is offered to all leaders of all countries.
Your safety was the reason those cars were there,you yourself can not be naive enough to think only you would have received such protection in the United States.
As to having yourself obtain a victory sign shown by a average American citizen,this would also not be uncommon, since American citizens are able to demonstrate their own opinions to yourself.
You should ask yourself,one question, why is your official website not kept up to date.
As all societies have known, the young always change the future of society.
I believe that you have yet to envision the power shown by your own people.
You should heed better advice from advisors and commence to appeal your speechs to the youth of Iran.

He is a big lier because is

He is a big lier because is a show man.

The Big Apple !

was amazed to learn that Mr. Hhmadi Nejad doesn’t know American don't speak Spanish and the official language of America is English ! surly Iranians deserve better president than him ! in the other hand agree with Nima ( above ) it's hilariously funny ,Mahmood is complete idiot :-)

You are the IDIOT here buddy

So are you telling me that no one in New York spoke Spanish?
It sound like you are the IDIOT here buddy.
Show some respect, you don't know anything about this man beside what your biased media feeds you.

stand up

what a great stand up, I was laughing out load, mahmood is much better than Omid djalili , just wondering how the hell those people could control them selves stop laughing.

if you are really looking or fun and jokes go after ...

Iran is a country with 7000 years of glorious, rich heritage and extensive history, a land in which lots of great artists, scientists and distinguished individuals have been flourished throughout the ages. you can't make fun from great peoples such as Mr.Ahmadinejad,,If yo are really looking for Funny topics go after Sarkozy or Bush's speeches.
This is another western's propaganda against people like Mr.Ahmadinejad.