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The Observers

Your eyes across the globe

The Observers is a collaborative site and TV programme on France 24 that covers international current affairs by using eyewitness accounts from "Observers" - that's to say people who are at the heart of event. Videos, texts, photos - the content isn't produced by professional journalists - but everything's selected, verified, translated and explained by our team.

The site is also a place for people passionate about international current affairs to get together and discuss events - for "friends", "Observers" and journalists of France 24. By drawing on professional journalists and amateur enthusiasts we will present both original and quality content.

What's a "friend" of France 24?

Everyone can sign themselves up as a friend of France 24. You just need to create your profile page.

As a friend you can:

- Receive messages from Observers or friends of France 24.

- Have a photo appear alongside your comments.

- Contact the editorial team to let us know of any good amateur material or interesting info.

What's an "observer" of France 24?

Once you're set up, the team might contact you to ask you to become a France 24 Observer. That means one of our trusted contacts either in a certain part of the world (e.g. an Observer in Havana), or specialised in a certain subject (e.g. an Observer for cinema).

Observers can be young, old, doctors or miners, Chinese or Brazilian. These people are your "eyes across the globe".

How do you get involved?

To contact us and contribute to The Observers, you have to be registered on the site. Once you're connected, you can send us story ideas, documents or images. Equally, our journalists can get in touch with you (remember to leave a phone number when you register) about a topic they're working on. Of course, it's up to you whether you contribute or not.

How do we get accounts from Observers?

Some of the accounts published on our site are sent to us by Observers themselves. Others are transcripts of conversations over the phone done by our journalists.

Editorial team

Editor: Julien Pain

Journalists: Gaelle Faure, Ségolène Malterre, Alexandre Capron, Andrew Hilliar, Brenna Daldorph.

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