Turkish women tell men: 'Stop spreading your legs' on public transit

If you’re a woman who takes public transportation, chances are you’ve had this problem before: a man sitting next to you has his legs spread so wide that you barely have any room for your own legs. Well, a collective of Turkish feminists has had enough of this rude behavior. They’ve launched an online campaign to shame men into stopping, using the hashtags #bacaklarinitopla (“Stop Spreading Your Legs”) and #yerimisgaletme (“Don’t Occupy My Space”).
It certainly seems to have hit a nerve – the hashtags reached the list of top trending topics not just in Turkey, but worldwide. Some women who joined in on the conversation even posted photos they’d surreptitiously snapped of men occupying their leg room.
Photos shared by offenders on Twitter. 
Photo shared on Twitter
Photo shared on Twitter
The campaign organisers are also encouring women to print out their slogans and wear them as stickers while riding public transit.


Some of these photos are from

Some of these photos are from the NYC subway. (The ones with the orange seats). I don't doubt that this happens everywhere, though. There are tasteless and rude men all over the world!