Video of horse being beaten shocks Saudis

In a country where the horse is king, the following video has caused a real scandal. Two men were filmed violently striking a horse’s forehead and laughing. The horse, which is tied to a post, collapses on its front legs and groans. It appears to struggle to get back up.
The video has widely circulated online, prompting many Saudis to call for the men to be brought to justice.
WARNING: this video may shock viewers.
The video was posted on YouTube on February 15. Judging by their accents, the two men are Saudis.
Shocked internet users have created the hashtag #محاسبة_معذبي_الحصان ("punishment for the horse’s torturers").

“I’ve never seen a horse hit a human being tied up and without reason. But I just saw a human hitting a tied-up horse just for fun. Who’s the real animal between the two?”

“It’s even more shocking given the horse is a very respected and pampered animal here”

The Emir Abdelaziz Ben Saad Ben Jouli is a horse breeder in the Al-Ahsa region in the country’s east.
I’ve put my telephone number on Twitter, asking people who have any information about these individuals to come forward so that the police can arrest them. I was appalled when I saw the video. I can’t understand how anyone can treat a horse – or any other animal – with such cruelty.
I have already contacted a lawyer in order to launch legal proceedings against these people. All I want is for them to be sent to prison so that they understand the gravity of their actions and, above all, serve as a warning for others.
This act is even more incomprehensible given that the horse, especially the pure-bred Arabian, is a very respected and pampered animal here. This animal played a major role in the unification of Saudi Arabia [King Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia’s first monach, and his men criss-crossed the country on the back of this type of horse as they fought to unite the country at the beginning of the 20th century].
Several recent acts of animal cruelty have sparked emotional outcries on the Internet. At the beginning of February, a man who was filmed throwing a cat against a wall in France was sentenced to prison for a year following a campaign by animal rights campaigners. A few days later, a young giraffe was put down and fed to lions in Denmark after zoo authorities said it was unsuitable for breeding. This decision was widely condemned by Internet users around the world, and a petition to close the zoo gathered more than 131,000 signatures.


Horse being beaten

I think these 2 cowards are barbaric and need to be brought to some serious charges and be beaten as they beat this poor horse. WTF is the problem with this world and tormenting animals. I would love for that piece of dirt to be hit like that once to see what that horse felt. I hope they catch you and cut your privates off, both of you and anyone who was there that didnt stop this cruel and most violent act against a DEFENSELESS animal

Saudi Arabia Horse abuse

If the Government does not step in and finds and prosecutes these 3 sub-humans, they best think twice about it. It does not bode well for any Country to allow abuse to Animals, especially the Arabian Horse which is royalty and highly regarded all over the World, unlike your People if they allow this to go unpunished. A disgrace for Saudi Arabia, best hang your Heads in shame if they are not prosecuted.

Violence to horses

This is absolutely disgraceful & the full weight of the law should be brought to bear on these filth for what they put this animal through if they can be caught. I say filth because they cannot be classed as members of the human race & to describe them as animals would be to insult the horse.

beating horse

That S O B , should be tied up and beaten like that poor horse was ! That was so sad and disgusting as to be beyond words !

horse beater

Hard to imagine what they were thinking about it being such a big joke?

But who was the third person who video'd them?

This Shocking Video

Both men should be tied to a tree and beaten with the same staff they beat the horse with: compassion for the horse not for sub-humans.

Cruelty and beating horses.

A message to the Emir: You don't seem to comprehend or understand that beating and torturing anyone whether an animal or a human being without exception, is unacceptable. It is basic decency and humanity, which are qualities both of which seem to be non existent in Saudi Arabia.

Snecma, I live and work in

Snecma, I live and work in Saudi, among nationals many of whom have become friends - while I agree that SAudi has an appalling human + animals rights record please know that decency and humanity do exist here - many of the nationals themselves are desperate for change and have these qualities you talk of.

Horse abuse

Please get hold of these evil subhumans and punish them to the fullest. This is such vicious and cruel way to torture innocent helpless animal for a purpose of human wickedness. These type of people are the ones become murderers in the future. Punish them heavily and lock them up for the longest time in a filthy jail cell.

I will not watch the video

I will not watch the video because I would be outraged. I am a big animal activist and love them all. I don't know what I can do to help but wish I could do something to help ALL abused animals. The only thing that helps me feel any relief is knowing one day the abusers will be punished by the most high Judge and I know their punishment will fit their crimes.