Photo of police stopping Saudi women from swinging goes viral

A photo showing members of Saudi Arabia’s religious police stopping women from using playground swings has gone viral online, garnering both praise and outrage on social media outlets.
The photo started circulating on Twitter on January 13. Though it was first posted by Arabic-speaking Twitter users, it was soon widely relayed by others the world over. The image was also picked up by news sites, both in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. These articles confirm that the incident did indeed take place, but do not mention the date or location.
Here’s one example of the many tweets denouncing the police’s interference. It reads: “There’s no hope, girls, soon they’ll be kicking us out of the country!”
Another example, this time in English:
In Saudi Arabia, women are also fighting for the right to drive cars.
Susie, an American woman who lives in Jeddah, also expressed her outrage on her blog:
Don't these people realize that there is something seriously wrong with a country when a woman cannot feel safe from men bothering her when she is doing something as innocent as swinging in a public park in broad daylight? […]These women who are in a group, fully covered in black from head to toe, are outside, merely trying to enjoy the cooler weather and get some fresh air. Heaven knows, most of the year is too darn hot for women dressed up like nuns to enjoy being outdoors because of the oppressive heat! These women are not out looking to tempt men or trying to attract unwanted attention. These girls just want to have a little fun! What is wrong with that?



give them the opportunity for those girls, kidnapped for a century [girls stand up for ur right dont give up]

Simple answer

ALL the women should leave.

No women = the men will die out.

in saudi there ara no women

in saudi there ara no women .wahabi chikhs are treating them as objects .WOMEN SHOULD REVOLT FOR THEIR RIGHTS

the problem is that the saudi

the problem is that the saudi authororities are pretending that they are protecting islam and they are the first to disrespect islamic morals .when they get outside the kingdom they behave as real sluts and spend peoples' money on women , wine drugs ............etc


Time has come for changes. It can either happen through a democratic decision or through a violant revolution. But it will happen. There is no place in this world for Religions or Men to believe they can treat woman like second class citizen.

Educate your children, because this generation is already lost.


If you notice the second

If you notice the second woman, she is too fat, the police stopping them so the swing doesn't break, after all swings are for children!

Too fat?!?!?

Other Unregistered user, you probably weren't paying attention to the fact that the swings are seats hanging on heavy duty chain link...

Saudi Swings and Saudi things

Imagine, Saudi Arabia without women. It could satisfy the male authorities because they would have time to do more important things instead of policing the women using swings, park slides and other places of harmless enjoyment.
Except without women the population of Saudi would shrink……

the biggest women's prision Saudi Arabia

People are missing the point. Saudi Arabia is the biggest women's prision on earth. How can women have privilages in a prision? Swinging? Absolutely not. On the other hand, the western governments kiss and kneel to the prision wardens, the leaders of the country just because of oil. About time EU and USA stood up for women's rights and boycott Saudi Arabia.

the biggest women's prison Saudi Arabia

Absolutely right. Where are the Western women who should be mobilising action from their governments to help their Arabian sisters ? Are we in the 21st century or not ?