Official poster of “All Egyptians” features stock photos of foreigners

Photo published on Twitter by Richard Spencer. 
The Egyptian officials who presented the country’s new draft constitution during a press conference Sunday did not seem to notice that three of the five people on the giant promotional poster that decorated the conference room, entitled “All Egyptians Constitution”, were clearly not Egyptian.
Some of the gathered journalists, however, immediately tweeted photos of the poster, which are now being widely circulated by Egyptians online.
Internet sleuths quickly found the source of the foreigners’ photos. The doctor to the left, who is featured in an advertisement for removing stretch marks, is one of the first images that pop up on Google Images when you search for “doctor”.
The young woman (second from left), meanwhile, shows up on a business networking site for Irish women. Her photo is one of the first that comes up for the Google Images search “woman”.
And the young man with Down's syndrome, second from right, is yet again a stock photo taken from an online article.
During Sunday’s press conference, Egyptian interim president Adly Mansour called on all Egyptians to vote during a referendum on the constitution slated for January 14 and 15. Egyptian voters must now decide whether the text – which could become the country’s third constitution in as many years – is crafted more carefully than the promotional campaign.


Images from a stock files?

There is a good chance that a guy or a gal was assigned to have a banner made in hurry that shows a doctor, and old lady, and a young person, ... With a statement a constitution for all? Being cheap, or on a low budget, or short on time, the person in charge went to photoshop? The bottom line is there is a reasonably semi civilized constitution to vote on.

The Egyptians people are in need of a total transformation of the culture way more than a constitution or a democracy. They need a better family unit, where parents are EQUAL partners, and limited number of children to be cared for. Better education, setting good example of tolerance by the parents, better hygiene! Learn less corruption, and better work ethics. Reforming old interpretation of religious dogmas to the 21st century.....just to name a few things. Make the Muslim Brotherhood, and any religious crazy group illegal as the Nazis are in Germany.