Would you welcome Santa if he were an illegal immigrant ?

A photo of a couple’s Christmas decorations has gone viral in Australia, with good reason: they’re not exactly welcoming Santa Claus into their home. Signs in front of the house read “Stop the Sleds”, “We will decide who comes down our chimney”, “If you come by sled without a visa… you will not be settled in Australia”, and “We grew here, you flew here!” To top it all off, they surrounded their front yard with Christmas lights, making it look like barbed wire fencing.
This photo, published on Twitter by Carolyn Woodhead, was widely relayed by Australian Twitter users.
While the couple, who lives in a suburb of Sydney, certainly seems to be satirising the country’s heated immigration debate, they told a local newspaper that they are not especially political: “I don’t consider this a protest,” Carolyn Woodhead told the Syndey Morning Herald. “I consider it a discussion starter. We’re just trying to win a Christmas decoration competition.” Mission achieved on the first count… (For the second, the judges convene on Saturday.)


Look the boat people

If the Australian Governments were genuinely prejudice towards foreigners, why do they allow millions of foreigners to come to Australia via the airport?

The current Australian Liberal Government constantly pretend they don't want migrants in the country but the opposite seems to be true.

While the Government and the Murdoch media carry on about boat people every day! The allow millions of visitors migrants and migrants workers into the country via the airport.

Their attitude towards boat people is a ruse its meant to convince the Australian public that they want to protect them. When the opposite is actually true.

There are currently millions of foreign people in Australia on working visas, holiday visas, student visas, bridging visas, family migration visas etc who are working both legally and illegally within Australia.

The statistics are freely available on the net. http://www.immi.gov.au