‘To Russia With Love’: a global kiss-in for gay rights

Protesters puckered-up at Russian embassies and consulates in fifty cities across the world on Sunday for a global kiss-in dubbed ‘To Russia with Love’. Activists took part in the rally, which owes its name to the 1963 James Bond film ‘From Russia with Love’, to denounce the Kremlin’s recent clampdown on Russia's LGBT community [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender].
A law came into force in Russia last June banning the "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations", meaning organisers of gay pride rallies and anyone providing information about the LGBT community to under-18s now face hefty fines.
The bill sparked international condemnation as it was approved a mere six months before tens of thousands of athletes and spectators are expected to descend on Sochi for the Winter Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) says it has received assurances from the Kremlin that all visitors, regardless of their sexual orientation, will be welcomed to watch and compete in the Games. Such assurances are little comfort to LGBT activists, some of whom want the IOC to cancel the Games in Sochi and relocate them outside Russia. Stephane Pierre, who helped organise the kiss-in, told France 24 he believes “anyone showing signs of LGBTQI or of same sex relationship behaviour in Sochi will be arrested, if they’re not first attacked by extremists in the streets”.
Here is a selection of kiss-in photos from around the world:
LGBT activists outsidethe Russian consulate in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Sunday 8 September 2013. 
LGBT activists outside the Russian embassy in Prague, Czech Republic. Sunday 8 September 2013.
LGBT activists gather outside the Russian consulate in Florence, Italy. Sunday 8 September 2013.
LGBT activists kissing outside the Russian embassy in Helsinki, Finland. Sunday 8 September 2013.
LGBT activists outside the Russian embassy in Wellington, New Zealand. Sunday 8 September 2013.
LGBT activists in outside the Russian consulate in Munich, Germany. Sunday 8 September 2013.
LGBT activists outside the Russian embassy in Mexico City. Sunday 8 September 2013.
All photos published on the 'To Russia With Love'  Facebook page

This article was written with France 24 journalist Claire Williams (clairewf24)


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Thank you Claire for your wonderful work, all our activists friends in Russia have spread your article all over Russia as well as us all over the States and Europe.

Kind regards and deepest feelings from all of us.

Stephane Pierre.