Take part in our survey: Where have our green spaces gone?

Long ago, your city was green, trees lined the roads, children played in the park. Inch by inch, buildings, shopping centres, roads began to squeeze nature out.
The Observers team invites you to take part in our new survey “Where have our green spaces gone?” Be it trees in jeopardy, abandoned parks or building plans slicing through the greenery in the your city centres, send photos documenting what is happening around you and an explanatory paragraph (5 lines max) to enquete.obs@france24.com
In Turkey, the destruction of Gezi park has triggered mass protests. In lawless Libya, forests are wiped out. In Cairo, it is becoming increasingly hard to find a shady tree to rest under at the bend of a road. Meanwhile in Ethiopia, the only trees spared are those around churches…
So tell us, what’s the situation where you live?
On July 31, our team will publish a selection of the best responses, and send prizes to the top Observers!


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