Tourists in Burma ridiculed for wearing local garb

Male tourists often feel a bit unfashionable in Burma, where most men wear traditional wrap-around skirts called “longyi”. As tourism booms, more and more foreigners have been spotted sporting longyi, to the delight – and amusement – of locals.
The newly-launched Facebook page “Tourists Wearing Longyis” features photos of foreigners looking more or less comfortable in their new garments. The page’s administrators gently make fun of them, and say they hope this will amuse locals and visitors alike.


We r proud to wear longyi

Guys guys people wear them because it is traditional and tourist probably wear it to make themself look like they are burmese or so that they want to try how people dress and do in burma. U know as an exerience and taste of Burma Life. So if u are against tourist wearing longyi anywhere in Burma then U are a really heartless person to say that to the tourist look funny on them, well it's not. I am proud wearing longyi and i am very proud of tourist we dress like us.