Stripped and whipped for a 20 dollar "debt"

This young man was stripped of his clothes, whipped with a belt and humiliated in the middle of a street in Newark, New Jersey. His attacker said he did this because the young man’s father allegedly owed him 20 dollars, or about 15 euros. This scene caused outrage among Newark’s residents, and prompted the police to take swift action.
The attacker (on the right) orders the victim to strip. 
A video of the scene was watched more than 40,000 times on YouTube before the site took it down due to its shocking nature. FRANCE 24 decided to publish only screen grabs from the video.
However, the video allowed the police to find and arrest the assailant, a 22-year-old drug trafficker who had been released from prison just a few days prior to the attack. The person filming, who can be heard laughing throughout the video, and a third accomplice have also been arrested. According to the police, the three are affiliated with gangs.
Once naked, the young man is whipped with a belt. 
The victim says that neither he nor his father knew any of his attackers personally.


This does in fact go on in America and most often by the POLICE!

This does in fact go on in America and MOST OFTEN by the biggest GANG of ALL THE POLICE! They regularly beat and torture particularly black and Spanish people, also Muslims who they can take out their hate on really believing that 9/11 was caused by Muslims when there is evidence that the American GOVERNMENT itself destroyed the buildings as they were imploded! It is all a BIG cover up. One of many that exist here.
I am glad to see that at least one the atrocities in the US has been filmed and added to your site. It goes on here too! There IS a high level of propaganda. There are only 4 network news stations and they ALL play the EXACT SAME NEWS which is all controlled by the Govt. The US says one thing and does another. They kill in the name of their own religion Christianity then scorn Muslims for their beliefs. Yet their first commandment is "Thou Shalt Not Kill" yet they go all over the whole world killing others of other countries. Now they have the law saying they can use drones on their own Americans too. It is unreal!


Antoinette, please don't blame the American people for the actions of our government. The American people are fully aware the our government is out of control. Most of the people in this country DO NOT support our government. The American people would love to have this President thrown out of office. They are doing what ever they want to us also, America is in ruins.

Stop committing criminal acts

Stop committing criminal acts Antoinette. Tell your friends the same. When you have complied you will notice that law enforcement will leave you alone.

What a Crock

What a load of horse manure. This video is of ghetto rats not the police and your comment is completely untrue.

I agree with "What a Crock"

The comment about police in the U.S. singling out anyone who is basically a non-white person is nonsense. That statement is totally irresponsible. Especially since there are White Muslims. How would the police know a White Muslim from a White Christian? The person who wrote that little article needds a reality check.

US police regularly beat blacks, Muslims and Hispanics?

Prove those claims.

Antoinette Jackson

This comment is utter nonsense. Ms. Jackson is simply trying to foment hatred of the U.S.

This video was of several black men whipping another black man for their own reasons. This does not occur on a regular basis, and certainly not under the auspicies of any governmental body.

Additionally, there are tens of thousands of independent news organizations in the U.S, as well as millions of bloggers.

Ms. Jackson's screed is a blatant use of the tactics codified by Saul Alinsky and used by dictators and oppressive rulers throughout history.