Did Iran's monkey astronaut really return from space?

Left: the monkey during a press conference on January 31. Right: before his departure for space.
On January 28, Iran captured the world’s attention by sending a monkey into space. The international community largely interpreted this move as a way for Iran to show it is making scientific progress, despite economic sanctions imposed by the West in an effort to impede the development of an Iranian nuclear program.
A photo taken on the day of the monkey's departure.
However, official photos of this event have raised some questions online. While Iranian authorities insisted on the fact that the monkey had returned from his mission alive after having travelled 120 kilometres into the sky, Internet users are asking interesting questions about the animal’s health. Indeed, some of them have noticed a major difference between the photos of the monkey in the spaceship before the launch and photos from the press conference three days later, after his return: a big red birthmark over his right eye had disappeared.
This photo was taken during the press conference celebrating his return.
Another troubling detail is that while photos of the rocket’s departure were widely broadcast by Iran’s official press agencies, no images of its return have as of yet been published. This has left Internet sleuths wondering whether Iranian authorities might be hiding the fact that the space-travelling simian may be in bad shape, or possibly have met his untimely demise.
Post written in collaboration with Omid Habibinia.



First picture belongs to the 2011 flight , while the second picture belongs to the 2013 flight ..
Just keep the Aversion away so you will see the truth Widely . . .
Besides , the claims of an unpublished images of the return isn't that big deal , what about the Unpublished facts , images , stories , researches that the American gov do hide ? ? ? ?

Iranian Monkey Business

That's almost as believable as their first fighter jet. I'm an aircraft mechanic and can tell that the thing would never get off the ground.

Do you really believe !?

The answer for that - is a big NO ! .
And a specially when it come from - FARS news....


Surely the Iranians would have thought about the big red mark over his eye? They wouldn't be stupid enough to use different monkeys that didn't look the same, surely? I'm not sure it is a different monkey. Maybe that wasn't a birth mark, I mean who said it was? Maybe it was a spot or a little wound that healed over? I don't know either way, I'm just saying I think they'd be a bit more meticulous if they were making stuff up for the rest of the world.

Hey wait a second, aren't

Hey wait a second, aren't "conspiracy theories" taboo in official channels?
Ah wait, no, sorry, official conspiracy theories are official, I get it now!

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France24 = conspiracy theories?

They showed more than photos - they have footage of the rocket. Still...it's becoming clear that the English-speaking part of France 24 is being run...by English speakers who parrot whatever the NY Times or the Guardian says. I'd hoped France 24 English would provide a French viewpoint for english speakers. Guess not....

monky nonsence

wy are they bothering i would be more bothered about were there rocket lands USA and un ect should shoot it down before they get bigger ideas.

"First they ignore you, then

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." (Gandi)

Yes,but Ghandi's heart was

Yes,but Ghandi's heart was pure and he told the truth;these guys are habitual liars.Liars never win.