Heavy snowfall turns Parisian parks into ski slopes

Photo published on Instagram by samulpatraix
Heavy snowfall over the weekend may have sent Parisian drivers crazy, but it made snow sports enthusiasts ecstatic. Dozens of them headed to the Buttes Chaumont park, with their skis and snowboards.
The Buttes Chaumont park, located in northern Paris, is one of the capital’s biggest parks. It’s also one of the hilliest, with slopes more than 30 metres long.
Here is a selection of photos taken there and shared on social networks:
Crédit photo : Vincent Brossel
Crédit photo : Cedric Gervet
Crédit Photo : Cedric Gervet
Crédit Photo : Laurence Picot
Crédit Photo : Laurence Picot
Crédit Photo : Laurence Picot
Crédit Photo : Laurence Picot
Crédit Photo : Julien Froment
Crédit photo : Sam the Witch
Crédit photo : Sam The With
Crédit photo : @samuelpartaix



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