Gazan paramedic: “The hardest part is when I’m unable to save children”

Screen grab from a video published on YouTube. It shows a Palestinian girl being treated at a Gaza hospital. 
Since the start of Israel's “Pillar of Defense” operation on November 14, the number of dead and injured keeps growing. Videos shared on social networks show that hospitals in the Gaza strip are stretched to the breaking point. Our Observer, a paramedic, tells us about working under the bombs.
A convoy of Palestinian doctors from the West Bank arrived on Monday to lend a hand in Gaza hospitals. Earlier, a group of about 400 Egyptian activists had brought in emergency medical supplies. Despite this aid, Gazan doctors say they are overwhelmed and working in very difficult conditions.
Since the start of the fighting last week, at least three Israelis and 112 Palestinians have lost their lives.
A young man, wounded in the bombings, is treated at Gaza's main hospital.
A three-year-old child being treated at Gaza's main hospital. All photos are screen grabs from a video published on YouTube by @rosa_schiano.
Samih, 52 years old, is a paramedic. He works at Gaza’s emergency medical centre.
Both residents and the police call us when there is a need for an ambulance. But we’re also constantly tuned in to the local media, and as soon as we learn that a particular area has been bombed, we head there. We work with the firemen, who get the injured out from under the debris.
We treat very serious injuries, such as deep head wounds, mutilations, and burns. We see injuries caused by the collapse of buildings due to bombs, as well as various types of shrapnel wounds.
We do not have enough properly-equipped ambulances. We also lack oxygen, gauze pads, syringes, and intravenous fluids.
We are also exposed to danger, due to what is known as the “second bombing.” Sometimes, when a building is targeted by an air raid, a second missile is launched soon afterwards, right around when we arrive.
Each ambulance team works a 24-hour shift, from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. the next day, with a 24 hour break until the next shift. In theory, doctors are supposed to be on the same cycle as us, but in practice it is rare for them to rest for a full 24 hours.
It’s not the first time that I have worked in Gaza during wartime. Each and every time, the hardest part is failing to save children. And sometimes, an entire family dies beneath the rubble of a building. I witnessed this just the day before yesterday.
Video filmed inside a Gaza hospital.



i don't believe to anything that the palestinians are saying.

On en a assez de pleurnichards et comedie des palestiniend...

A croire les journeaux, les palestiniens sont les seules victimes. Mais qui lance des roquettes sur Israel??? I elisent un parti de fous qui sont pret a tout pour en decoudre avec Israel et apres ils vont pleurer devant les cameras....
Ensuite au lieu de lancer des roquettes qui coutent des millions d'euros, pourquoi ne pas mettre cet argent dans l'education et le bien etre des Gazeens...
La Palestine, la plus grande operation de communication qu'il y ait dans le monde...Dans le mondes il y a beaucoup de peuples qui n'ont pas de Nations... les Kurdes....etc...
La comedie, Israel et le mechant et la palestine des gentils gens... on en a assez soupe.... Moi ils ne m'emeuvent pas... Quand on seme le trouble on en recolte les repercussions

Maybe they should stop

Maybe they should stop sending rockets by hundreds at Israeli civilians.

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How about the poor

How about the poor Palestinian children and teenagers who have been sent to Israel as "martyrs" and blew themselves up? Why don't you show images of Israeli babies who were on blown up on buses by theseself-proclaimed "martyrs." I am an American who loves France 24, but I disagree with your one-sided approach.

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