Video: bus driver brawls with “disrespectful” teenager

To a bus driver, there must be few things more annoying than teenagers playing loud music on their mobile phones. Still, most of them suffer in silence; at most, they might try yelling.
However, according to the person who filmed this video aboard a Baltimore bus, loud music is the reason the bus’ female driver snapped and physically assaulted a teenage girl.
Video edited to protect the identity of the minor. First posted on YouTube by
After a struggle involving kicking and hair-pulling, the driver is heard accusing the girl of having been “disrespectful.” According to local police, no one was seriously injured; the driver, however, was promptly suspended without pay. The incident is currently under investigation.


Se the story

Ok, the video look brutal but did anyone se the whol video? it could be som happend befor the recording starts, The driver is wrong in this case no matter what

Two NWAs go out

What's the surprise?