Video: Aleppo rebels execute members of pro-Assad clan

Screen capture from the execution video.
In this extremely violent footage, rebels from the Free Syrian Army are filmed shooting to death a group of men accused of being part of President Bashar al-Assad's inner circle. Two opposition activists in Aleppo – including one that witnessed the executions – share their reactions.
The video was uploaded to the Internet on Tuesday, only several hours after being filmed. It shows the execution of four members of the Berri clan, known for being close to the regime, and their leader, Zeinou Berri. In the video, uniformed men bring the prisoners in front of a group of combatants. Some of the prisoners are shirtless, and their bodies are bloodied and bear the marks of beatings. While onlookers heckle the prisoners and cheer on the Free Syrian Army fighters, the prisoners are forced to sit along a wall. Several moments later, the rebels open fire with their machine guns and the prisoners are killed in a shower of bullets.
According to Rami Abdurrahmane from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition watchdog group, these events did take place on Tuesday in Aleppo. Abdurrahmane confirms that he received the video from soldiers who participated in the execution. According to him, these executions occurred between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.: “Zeinou Berri and other members of his family, or close colleagues, were arrested by the Free Syrian Army. They subsequently were summarily tried, then handed over to members of the Unification Brigade (this brigade, which is part of the Free Syrian Army, is the largest in Aleppo; it is composed of most of the militias in the city and its suburbs) who executed them.”
The Berris are a rich Syrian family known for their close ties with the Assad clan. Two members of this family currently serve in parliament. Since the start of the rebellion, they have allegedly “participated” in the repression of demonstrations, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. On May 31, Free Syrian Army combatants in Aleppo had already killed six members of the Berri family.
Nadim Houry, adjunct director of Human Rights Watch's Middle East division, said via Twitter that these acts were “war crimes” and invoked article 3 of the Geneva Convention, which holds that prisoners “cannot be executed without due process and a trial”.

“The opposition has its own justice, its own tribunals”

Houssam (not his real name) is an opposition activist in Aleppo.
Those who were executed in this video are not simple civilians, but rather pillars of the regime. The Berri clan is known for recruiting “chabbihas” (militiamen working for the regime) to attack opposition activists.
The opposition has its own justice, its own tribunals. Those very close to the regime, like Berri, and who have blood on their hands, have long been on the list of those condemned to die. The Free Syrian Army does not kill innocent people.
We do not believe in any international justice. Even if Bashar al-Assad had fallen from power, no tribunal would dare convict him. We do not want to wait years, like other countries have, for prosecutions that will not avenge our dead.

“Even the Free Syrian Army officers who were present and who did not approve of this did not have time to react”

Majed is a member of the Sham News Network, a network of activists that films and uploads videos on the Syrian conflict. Based in Aleppo, he was present at the scene of the execution.
It all happened very quickly, to the point that even the officers who were present and who did not approve of this did not have time to react. The Free Syrian Army soldiers who carried out the execution were almost in an alternate state. They had just lost 17 of their comrades in fights with this very clan, comrades whose corpses were still lying on the field of combat. They held the Berris, and notably Zeinou Berri, responsible for these deaths, because his clan had joined the regular army to fight against the Free Syrian Army.
The execution was horrific. It is of course shocking that it happened in such a summary manner. But I understand the reaction of the Free Syrian Army soldiers. The losses they had suffered blinded them. I don't know if this kind of excess will happen again, and I hope not, but we are in wartime and it is not always easy for combatants to react in a reasonable manner.



Those who replace Assad will be just as bad, if not worse than the present regime. They are all of the same cruel ilk.


How can there ever be a peace in a country where conflict only ever plays itself out with bullets and blood. Each side claims the other to be the evil aggressor and yet both sides happily stack up the bodies as if this is to be the only measure of their campaign and success.
Why be concerned about freedom when its all you can do just to stay alive? Why be concerned about democracy when disagreement draws bullets and death? Why be concerned about law when there is only mob rule and chaos? Humanity has left Syria and I think it will be a long time before anyone cares enough to bring it back.

The distinction between right & wrong seems very clear!

The example of these atrocities should only lead any fair minded person to conclude that the rebels have no grounds of legitimacy to rule Syria! Only the peace makers who act with justice have the right to succeed, it's obvious that Asad regime is the better out of the 2 parties !

Nevertheless, the real enemy is getting ready to knock on the DOOR! It's the zionist's plotters and it's American establushment and European slaves!

Wake up people! Return to some sanity! Return to righteousness and justice! Otherwise you will always fail in all your aims!

Right and Wrong.

The People of Syria have the right to Democratic self rule. When a small minority rule all by force and deny the rights and voice of 90% of the population those rulers have lost all legitimacy. What is happening in Syria is the result of a tyrannical and rigid regime. Live wood flexes. Dead wood breaks. The day of this break is known only in the heavens, but the inevitability of it is clear to all but a few who after living for so long in the dark mistake the darkness for the light.


My family srltngoy supports the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom and democracy. We pray that there will be freedom for all Syrian men, women and children, and we pray that the Assad regime will soon be overthrown. May God bless the Syrian people and relieve their suffering. The whole world is watching. ~ Sam, Jana and Janulik Shropshire, Annapolis, Maryland USA


in time of war,this appen every were,don by all contry,no exeption...sad.

these people are part of the

these people are part of the Assad regime which has shown that it will do anything to hold onto power regardless of the ruin to the country. just like Hitler and Hussein the president will hide away until the very last rather than handing over all the stolen money and going into captivity.

War is of Devil

War is of Devil and in case of War everybody dies. Now who is to be blamed if not Assad and his Clan that clings to Power with the Surport of Russian and China. The people of syrian by now should know their stand. Assad 's era is coming to an end and the wise should join the moving Train and forget about the past. As things stands now whoever is of Assad will pay for the blood waisted by the family from Father to son unless you all unite together to fight for better Syria like the Rest of Defectors you will likewise Perish. Russia or China nor Iran can save you from the avanger.
Long live syria

The free Syrian army is

The free Syrian army is showing its true barbaric, and atrocious colours..They cry foul against Assad's regime killing innocent, but they themselves are doing worse. After seeing ths video, I'm left to wonder who is the worse evil in this conflict.


LONDON (Reuters) Iran is helping its ally Syria defy Western siontancs by providing a vessel to ship Syrian oil to a state-run company in China, potentially giving the government of President Bashar al-Assad a financial boost an estimated $80 million. Iran, itself a target of Western siontancs, is among Syria's closest allies and has promised to do all it can to Assad, recently praising his handling of the year-long uprising against Assad in which thousands have been killed.