To women on Shanghai’s subway: "cover up if you don’t want to be harassed"

Summer in the Chinese city of Shanghai can be suffocating. It’s not so much the heat that does it – temperatures typically hover between 24 – 31°C (76 – 88°F) – it’s the humidity. Yet as many of city’s residents peel off layers to battle the sweltering weather, Shanghai’s subway system is advising women to cover up as part of a campaign aimed at fighting sexual harassment on public transportation.
Following the twisted logic that a woman dressed in sexy attire clearly deserves to be groped, whistled at or hit on, Shanghai’s subway published a photo of a commuter wearing a sheer dress on the Chinese social networking website Weibo with the following pearl of wisdom: “It would be strange if a woman wasn’t sexually harassed if dressed like this. There are many perverts. Young women, please cover up if you want to avoid cat-calls”.
While the campaign addresses what has become a recurrent problem on Shanghai’s public transportation systems – women being sexually harassed in subway trains – it does so by reprimanding the victims rather than the perpetrators of such acts.
Unsurprisingly, the subway company’s brilliant communication strategy failed to impress many, and triggered a deluge of angry comments online.
“You are supposed ensure the safety of passengers, you’re not supposed to stand in the way of them assuming their personal responsibility, let alone give criminals an excuse for their behaviour!” posted one Weibo user.
Female commuters also launched their own counter-campaign, dressing in veils to ride the subway while holding signs with slogans like, “We want fresh air, not perverts”, and “We can be ‘a tease’ but that doesn’t give you the right to harass us”.


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either way i can imagine someone really sexy stripping? or pole
dancing to this seductively! ; p

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Certified? Sexy

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ha? wicked cover - i've done a cover and i think i made the intro alot harder for myself by the looks of this! peace out x

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Ask yourself

Who is the real pervert? The one who wears a "see through" dress in public or the one who look at her?

When you are a soft exhibitionist, you can't blame people to look at you and take pictures of you in public areas...

Women being sexually harassed habe nothing to do with the pictures showed above, sexual predators are known to attack any girl, sexy or not.

The real question for this article is : Where are women's values? Is that acceptable to dress worse than a street prostitute in public?
You don't need to be a religious/feminist fanatic to understand what is good or bad...


That's just too easy

True, these questions are absolutely relevant and I would surely not advise my daughter to dress up like this, for many reasons. However, while we are trying to answer those questions it doesn't give anyone the right to attack women just because of what they wear. In my opinion, they could be walking naked it wouldn't change anything, it's a basic state of law issue. Sexually harassing and attacking women is illegal - on top of being immoral and wrong. Really THAT is wrong.

Some men simply have to control themselves and know what is right or wrong. They perfectly have the right to condemn the use of some outfits if they want to (although I'm not quite sure how condemnation helps anyone) but at the same time it's just plain too easy to use that as an excuse and say that it is because they are tempted that they attack women. It's anyone's choice to decide to attack someone or read a book instead.

Harassed women

Why don't the police crack down on the harrasers/perverts/sickos?

Why don't the police prosecute the subway owners for allowing the harrassment to occur?

What are the 'elected' leaders doing to help the women - or are there no democratically elected leaders in Shanghai?

Why don't the women of Shanghai put pressure on the wives of the officials who run the subway and also the wives of the police and 'elected' leaders.

Standing around with placards around your neck will get you nowhere - pressure points are what you need.

Get school girls involved to put pressure on their parents to put pressure on their foremen, managers, owners, teachers, headteachers etc - get the sports clubs involved

Pressure points are the key to getting things moving in the right directiobn