Syrian state TV reporter gets attacked with a shoe

A journalist for Syrian state television reporting from Aleppo, where an anti-government protest was held Sunday, was hit with a shoe during a live segment.
The youth who hits him yells, "The Syrian media is corrupt!" The station quickly cut back to its studio, where a presenter commented, "This behaviour says a lot about the kind of democracy that many people inside and outside our country are clamouring for. Let's go back to our correspondent..."
The video has been widely circulated online by anti-government activists, who are highly critical of Syrian television, which serves as a mouthpiece for the government. Syrian authorities have impeded most foreign journalists from independently reporting on the 15-month-old uprising, during which the UN says at least 9,000 people have been killed. (Activists count several thousand more.)


Salut tout-le-monde, il n'est

Salut tout-le-monde, il n'est vraiment pas possible de supporter les contes de fée
qu'ils racontent sur ce qui se passe en Syrie. Bien sur, moi je parle des chaines
syriennes sous le controle d'état. C'est insupportable parce qu'il y a une drole de
contraste entre ce qu'on témoigne dans les rues et la propagande typique de média
local. Merci