Greece: Locals help Athens police beat up an immigrant

A controversial video revealing apparent police brutality is causing a stir on Greek social networking sites. It shows uniformed police officers, assisted by passers-by wearing tracksuits, beating up an immigrant of Asian origin.
The incident took place on the night of January 3, in Amerikis Square in the centre of Athens, but the video was only recently posted on the Internet. The police officers continue to hit the man as they walk him to their patrol car. Several onlookers stand and watch the scene.
Incidents involving immigrants are now becoming increasingly politicised in Greece. The country is one of the main gateways into the European Union for Asian and African migrants. Organisations defending human rights have announced an increase in the number of assaults on immigrants, particularly Afghans and Pakistanis, which they attribute to the economic crisis and a rise in unemployment. Immigrants are targeted by small far-right groups who accuse them of stealing Greek jobs.
The openly xenophobic Golden Dawn party, which has said it would like to kick all foreigners out of the country, won 21 seats in the parliamentary elections that took place on May 6.
After this video was posted online, Athens police announced they would carry out an enquiry.

"J’ai reçu des messages d’insultes de la part de sympathisants d'Aube dorée"

Nikos Soulis, a filmmaker, filmed this video in January but only posted it on the Internet in April.
I was at home when I heard people shouting outside. Over the past three years I have witnessed many incidents in my neighbourhood, so this time I decided to take my camera.
I saw an Asian man being stopped by the police. Some of my neighbours were helping them. The man had been trying to set fire to a rubbish bin. They hit him repeatedly, even after he had been handcuffed. And when I say “they”, I mean both the police and my neighbours. 
I went to the police station to report what I had seen. The police officers told me that their colleagues would be identified and reprimanded [The inquiry is currently underway].
After I posted the video online, many insulting comments were written on my blog. Most of them were from Golden Dawn sympathisers. To intimidate me, a couple of people even tried to get into my home by posing as police officers. I went back to the police station to ask for police protection. But as I suspect that 50% of the police force voted for Golden Dawn, I’m not sure how much good it will do. I’m keeping a low profile in my neighbourhood at the moment and I make sure that I never go home alone.


Greek PIG Police Brutlity against Chinese Citizen

I only have to say this: The Greek PIGS are taking revenge against a Chinese young man, who has nothing to do with their economic mess.



But watch the video again,he doesn't look like chinese.

But watch the video again,he doesn't look like chinese.
He has deep eye sockets.unlikely he is a chinese.
So,no of our issues, no big deal here.

Really?greeks beat up chinese again?

Are you sure that "asian" is one of us? if so, we must revenge, i know there are many greek restaurants in BeiJing that running by real greeks. also there are more and more greek businessman in china with their economic problem becomes worse.

We should do the same to the greeks here, shut down their business. and stop aid greek economy.

By the way, Just amazing how many greek lossers and their "policeman" are needed to beat up just one chinese young man. i now completely despise them, greeks= north koreans of european

Don't let the hate in dude..

Don't let the hate in dude.. it's not worth it

Calm down. How does China

Calm down. How does China police punishes criminals who burn and destroy things (here it was a trash) ?

Seriously, how can you protect such a man ? Just because some said he was "asian" ?
Thats not an excuse ; i dont care he is chinese or any other origin.

If you REALLY dont like police brutalities, well my friend, START WITH YOUR POLICE.

Athens Police

I think it is obvious that this was not a major beating. Police do use assertive skills to make themselves known.

As for Golden Dawn and other groups it is difficult to say the true extent of this, and to say that everyone must be content with how it is at the same time is pure nonsense. There is something called the political spectrum.


I am shocked at the Greek State Police! If this is indeed the reflection of the Greek people, the Country will suffer greatly at the hands of devine Punishment. When a Nation stoops so low as this, then a time arrives that such nations become the target of other more brutal powers taking over that nation. History is a testament that at first such nations suffer great brutality themselves but nevertheless better elements of an occupying powers install a better civil institutions on the long run!

Therefore, I would advise the Greeks that they should be mindful of their conduct because they may also be the targets of other stronger nations who can invade your sovereignty and bring about a better civil structures. Greece is a "Christian" Country and the Bible is very clear on values and the right to govern! The Bible says : "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth!".

The ills of your economic misfortunes is the reflection of your nation being debt burdened, this is another way, other stronger nations have enslaved you and degraded your sovereignty.

Beating up poor immigrants who are far more unfortunate than you, who's only crime is that they have taken refuge in your country to try and escape poverty! If you display the true spirit of Christ, you ills and misfortunes would be taken away because God Almighty reward the Meek! However, if you take revenge from the poor & needy for your own wrong conduct, Greece will be treated in the same way by Europe and the World. I pray that the great Greek nation will rise up from
their economic difficuties and respect the poor and needy! Amen!

Police striking Immigrant in Greece

Without doubt the massive influx into western europe of immigrants looking for work does indeed 'take local jobs'. It matters little if these migrants work hard if you are unemployed. It is the fathers and grandfathers (mothers and grandmothers) that worked and paid taxes to provide for teh infra-structures that support these jobs not the migrants.

Nonetheless mindless violence should not be visited on individuals.

The activities of the late 1920's and 1930's and the rise of nazi's (in most countries not just Germany) fed on this unrest amongst the populations and used this to their advantage.

Now!, is teh time for western governments to come down very hard on illegal immigration and more importantly those that support it (the employers of illegal immigrants) for it is they that feed the problem. Legal and controlled skill migration should be encouraged and those people protected and valued.

The profiteers of illegal migrations should be hammered before World War III breaks out.

It is not a case of enlightenment being curtailed but nipping something terrible in the bud.

He tried to burn a rubbish

He tried to burn a rubbish bin? So he comes from Pakistan or Afghanistan to Greece and burns rubbish bins? What should the neighbours and police do? Let him do it?

In this case, I don't know what you expect the neighbours and police to do. I think they did the right thing. After all, they didn't kill or something!


I think as the West continues to suffer from the terminal illness called Multiculturalism, we will see this happening in all Western countries. The indigenous population have had enough.