Russian patriarch's luxury watch edited out of picture

In this photograph, taken in 2009, Patriarch Kirill, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, is wearing a Breguet watch worth more than 22,000 euros. The watch had mysteriously disappeared from the photo when the Church re-published it in April. Well, it didn’t entirely disappear – its reflection is still clearly visible on the table.

This botched photo-editing job created quite a scandal in Russia, so much so that the Patriarch’s office issued an apology. The statement explained that there had been a mistake, and that an investigation would determine who was responsible for erasing the watch.


Patriarch Kirill's $35,000 Watch Double-crosses The Liars

That beautifully polished table mirrored a clear reflection of the Russian Orthodox Archbishop's expensive timepiece. The very competent job of Airbrushing the Patriarch's wrist failed to remove the reflection missed on the table... Murphy's Law also lives in Moscow?