To ease tensions between their nations, Iranians and Israelis show some love on Facebook

As tensions keep rising between Israel and Iran, citizens from both countries have decided to take to the Internet to advocate for love, not war.
The “We Love You” project was launched on Facebook by Ronnie Edri and Michal Tamir, two graphic designers who live in Tel Aviv. They created the logo “Iranians We Love You” and addressed a message of peace directly to Iranians: “I am not scared of you, I do not hate you. […] Sometimes here on television, I see an Iranian man speaking about war. I am certain he does not represent all Iranians.”
In Israel, hundreds of people have posted photos of themselves with the “We Love You” logo. Many have followed suit in Iran, but with photos where they are less recognisable, for fear of reprisals.




The Iranians certainly have nohnitg to be afraid when they think about America. Iran's Russian and Chinese backed military is vastly superior to any thing America has right now. As such, the Iranians are almost certain to prevail in any military conflict with America. Surely American and Iranian military commanders and the leaders of both countries know this to be true. As such, they act accordingly. I've already suggested what I would do. Withdraw all forces from the Middle East and redeploy them to the borders. At least this way we might have a fighting chance to defend ourselves. Develop more of our own oil and gas reserves and build more refineries. This would give us more leverage in negotiations. Without a viable military option, no leverage in potential negotiations, and a Government that lacks the moral confidence in the country to actual defend it, its not hard to understand why America has been essentially reduced to begging.

Iran and Isreal

I'm so glad there are people on both sides that realize we can work out the problems that face us. Please both sides find a way to see each others problems and work on how you can come together to be peaceful. There are ways we can share our concerns without attacking each other. How ever long it takes to come to new and exciting future finding all of us happy and healthy. Isn't that what we all want.