Iranian women undress to protest their role as second-class citizens

A group of Iranian women living abroad have recorded a video message in which they defend women’s rights – while posing topless. 
The women speak straight to the camera, explaining their reasons for posing nude: “My nudity is a ‘no’ to stoning to death,” “For those who want to but can’t…”, and even: “Why not?"
Video published on YouTube by Reza Moradi.
These women are continuing the trend that started with Aliaa Al-Mahdy, a young Egyptian activist who posted a naked photo of herself on her blog in the name of freedom of expression, sparking a huge controversy last November. They say they were also inspired by Goldshifteh Farahani, an Iranian actress in exile in Paris who bared her breasts in a video honouring young actors selected for the Césars, France’s equivalent of the Oscars.
However, this new video is a promotion for an even more risqué calendar, showing female activists from around the world posing fully nude, from head to toe. The organisers say the proceeds of the calendar will go toward women’s rights organisations.

"The Islamic laws Iranian women are subjected to are what's pornographic, since they define women as sexual objects”

Elia Tabesh, 30, posed in the video. She is an Iranian political refugee living in Stockholm, where she is studying Swedish.
I left Iran three years ago for several reasons. I was involved with leftist activists at my university who were fighting for human rights, and due to the government’s crackdowns on activists I no longer felt safe. I also could no longer tolerate living in an Islamic country as a woman. Wherever women go there, whether it’s in schools or in restaurants, they’re treated like second-class citizens. You’re told what to wear and what not to wear, and society regards you as a sexual object. The government even controls your sex life. If you have sex outside of marriage, you can be punished in a manner of ways, including stoning. Or if you refuse to have sex with your husband, you can also be punished.
So when I was contacted to take part in this video, I didn’t hesitate. It’s the least I can do, even if it’s just a small thing, to advance women’s rights. We did this for all the women who want to have freedom over their body and what they wear but cannot, due to Islamic laws and sexist politics.
Reactions to the video have been mixed, of course. Overall, women seem to understand its message better than men. Some people call it pornographic – nonsense. I say the Islamic laws Iranian women are subjected to are pornographic, since they define women as sexual objects!”


I agree with what you fight for, but not the way you do it

As an Iranian girl who was born, grew up and living in Iran, I deeply understand what they say and fight for. But I don't agree with the way they've chosen for . Regardless of religion, nudity is not in Iranian culture -not even in ancient Iran when there was no Islam at all. Looking into pictures in Persepolis, 2 elements are not found:

1- People in chains, which means ancient Iranians believed in human right and never ridiculed the people of the lands they occupied. Just on the opposite of ancient Greece, for example where they behaved the captives like 3rd degree citizens.

2- People in nudity (not men nor women), which means nudity was against ancient Iranians beliefs. Nudity is against Iranian culture, no matter the religion.

Unfortunately one way for some people living under tough governors e.g. Iran, is to start a silly political argument, draw foreign attention and then easily get accepted as a political refugee. These women are of that sort. They don't even stop here, they still keep drawing attention for making more money or fame. Participating in such videos is one way. A very big question which defends this claim is that why the complete video is not free and people should pay for watching it??? If the real aim is to draw global attention for women right in Iran why it's not freely published?!

Again I would like to repeat that I agree with all they claim about unfair Islamic laws about women in Iran, but don't agree the way they've got fooled and abused.

As a Persian man, I am so proud of you

You have made us proud by your bold action. Keep up the protest in every form and manner until the Mullahs' regime is toppled. Long live Iran, and long live you bold Persian women.


please shut up!
please don't lies

Thank GOD beacause my enemies

Thank GOD beacause my enemies are from stupidest peoples.

nudity is not sign of protest. It is a sign of stupidity.

Thank GOD beacause my enemies have nude body and nude and nude brains.


You should pray for a proper English course while you are busy...



I support you

It is sad that so many women live in such conditions.

In Solidarity

My support to your protest. This is exactly what scares the Islamist, religious, and nationalist trends and pseudo-left; breaking the taboo of woman body in public. You ruined all their "trade".
In solidarity.

The right to choose

What a sad day it is when women have to resort to antics of this sort to gain attention for their/a cause. Actually, infact it is not at all difficult to perceive what is in fact going on here. I wonder who put them up to it! The “exploiters” will use any and every reason for advancing their agendas. Fools fall for it. Foolish women fall for it. Intelligent, smart, clever women don’t. If I were an Iranian woman, I would not stand for their sisters being exploited in this manner. There are more honorable ways of standing up and fighting for a cause. I pity these women and curse the people who exploit humanity;man or woman, for their own ends.

The "more honorable" ways are

The "more honorable" ways are already in use! But THIS ONE gets attention in a way that the others don't!

And that's the point.