Iranian women undress to protest their role as second-class citizens

A group of Iranian women living abroad have recorded a video message in which they defend women’s rights – while posing topless. 
The women speak straight to the camera, explaining their reasons for posing nude: “My nudity is a ‘no’ to stoning to death,” “For those who want to but can’t…”, and even: “Why not?"
Video published on YouTube by Reza Moradi.
These women are continuing the trend that started with Aliaa Al-Mahdy, a young Egyptian activist who posted a naked photo of herself on her blog in the name of freedom of expression, sparking a huge controversy last November. They say they were also inspired by Goldshifteh Farahani, an Iranian actress in exile in Paris who bared her breasts in a video honouring young actors selected for the Césars, France’s equivalent of the Oscars.
However, this new video is a promotion for an even more risqué calendar, showing female activists from around the world posing fully nude, from head to toe. The organisers say the proceeds of the calendar will go toward women’s rights organisations.

"The Islamic laws Iranian women are subjected to are what's pornographic, since they define women as sexual objects”

Elia Tabesh, 30, posed in the video. She is an Iranian political refugee living in Stockholm, where she is studying Swedish.
I left Iran three years ago for several reasons. I was involved with leftist activists at my university who were fighting for human rights, and due to the government’s crackdowns on activists I no longer felt safe. I also could no longer tolerate living in an Islamic country as a woman. Wherever women go there, whether it’s in schools or in restaurants, they’re treated like second-class citizens. You’re told what to wear and what not to wear, and society regards you as a sexual object. The government even controls your sex life. If you have sex outside of marriage, you can be punished in a manner of ways, including stoning. Or if you refuse to have sex with your husband, you can also be punished.
So when I was contacted to take part in this video, I didn’t hesitate. It’s the least I can do, even if it’s just a small thing, to advance women’s rights. We did this for all the women who want to have freedom over their body and what they wear but cannot, due to Islamic laws and sexist politics.
Reactions to the video have been mixed, of course. Overall, women seem to understand its message better than men. Some people call it pornographic – nonsense. I say the Islamic laws Iranian women are subjected to are pornographic, since they define women as sexual objects!”



Your basic theory is foolish! All women are not nuns. Those that are choose to bethey weren't forced by fools. Yes I have read Qu'ran and its quite beautiful but I think its being abused and misread as is the Bible and other religuos edicts.

Your Knowledge of Culture & Law is Lacking

I don't know where you get such information that "A christian women doesn't have "Rights" in her Parents property if a male child is present. Whereas Islam gives right to women for the property. Yet these So called self styled "Revolutionist-as" yell its discrimination .... "

You sound as if you are limited by your narrow borders, certainly not the wider world. That's the problem. Most cultures cannot think or understand anything beyond their limited culture and borders, making them "ignorant" of the wider world at large. We live in a world without borders, whether we like it or not. No culture, country can exist on it's own without commerce with the outside world as no country produces everything it needs to sustain itself. Why not research facts vs. relying on fiction.

Women in islam & nuns in christian fait

Hey anonymus you can mention as many sura from the for sure non place woman as third class citizen ..unless you mention the fact that it also teach the MAN how and when hit the woman also that she must accept second third and even forth partner for the husband to satisfiy hes sexual appetite ...also is mentioned in subdue way that the future husband makes a contract with the future father in law before even meet the woman he want's to marry ...Also is nont mentioned in the coran that brothers may marry the sisters not to let out the TRIBE the terrain possession ! And the brother in law the wife of the dead brother ...all these happening in your contries and nothing is ever discussed for the so called political " correctness"
Now for your knowlege and understanding in the Crhistian fatih the pious WOMAN that decide to be a NUN is up to her to make a choise SHE DECIDE to enter or not the religious order and in what form and what order, you may fond lay nuns or order nuns closure nuns or missionary nuns !
In islam you only find walking tents soulness womens that may the husband OWNER allow her the freedom to walk ..... or better the famous Al Tawik (egyptian cleric) that few yars ago mention that the woman may get out the house three times on her life time 1 when the father give her as wife to someone she don't know .2 in case of parents passing away ( dead) to the funeral of the deceased parent .3 in her own dead ... don't you think is nothing to commiser these womans ???

A Christian woman doesn't

A Christian woman doesn't have rights in parent's property if a male child is present??

Huh? What are you talking about? Do you refer to Middle Eastern Christians? Because there is no such rule in the rest of the Christian community.

Even if there were - would These women who are protesting have ANY obligation to choose the same life path as a result??

christian property rights

There are serious misgiving on the above subject. Christian countries do not operate under a religious law which is canon law they operate under a civil law and the civil laws of non arab countries gives an equal share to all children to their parents property. It has nothing to do with religion at all.

The answer is quick and easy

The nun wears her outfit because SHE WANTS TO. All Islamic women wear the outfit whether they want to or NOT.

See? Its rather obvious.

They are protesting what they

They are protesting what they feel is right, and I fully support them. I am afraid your point is somewhat invalid - whilst Christianity has the potential to be sexist, in the Western world it is becoming less so, whereas Islam still would have women cover themselves.

Whilst I feel both religions are equally wrong and unjust, Islam is far worse when it comes to oppression. Either way, I do not believe in your God, and so do not think anything negative will happen to women fighting for their rights.

Also I have read both the Bible and the Qur'an, both are misguided.

God and Allah

They are the same, Islam accepts Jesus as a prophet of God but not as the son of God. Mohammed originally wanted to join with the Christians but because of his wish to unite the tribes some of the Islamic rules went against Christian beliefs but God is Allah and Allah is God as Yaweh is God. We all believe in the one God. The rules that take us from the true faith are rules made by men who want their way and power over others and these men are present in all religions. They interpret the writings in an evil way and the rest of the world suffers. No faith should decree that religion should be enforced at the end of a gun or that any person should be slave to another.

God and Allah

Amen to that

human rights

i agree with all vedio contains and its absolutly not for sexual reason . most people who dont like the way the women do in this vedio ,are men who cant accept that the woman are equall to man in everything in the life .its awsone and sad that ouer countries steal freadome and rights frome women and they still stone women and treat them like animals . myself im aman and i think that every body in the world have same right to live the way they want if they only dont hurt another people .ur body is ur own body and ur life is ur own life ,and nobody have authority upon you ,nevermind if u are aman or woman ...some clever people in meddile east say : we will give rights to women and i say :( its u who stold womens rights ,so dont show that u are gentelman ,no woman need u to give her hir rights but all women must struggle to bring bach there stolen rights) i think women can do much more than we think if just we litte opend and understand that all of us are human beings. thanks for monte carlo to publish such posetive subjects . simon seby sweden