Iranian women undress to protest their role as second-class citizens

A group of Iranian women living abroad have recorded a video message in which they defend women’s rights – while posing topless. 
The women speak straight to the camera, explaining their reasons for posing nude: “My nudity is a ‘no’ to stoning to death,” “For those who want to but can’t…”, and even: “Why not?"
Video published on YouTube by Reza Moradi.
These women are continuing the trend that started with Aliaa Al-Mahdy, a young Egyptian activist who posted a naked photo of herself on her blog in the name of freedom of expression, sparking a huge controversy last November. They say they were also inspired by Goldshifteh Farahani, an Iranian actress in exile in Paris who bared her breasts in a video honouring young actors selected for the Césars, France’s equivalent of the Oscars.
However, this new video is a promotion for an even more risqué calendar, showing female activists from around the world posing fully nude, from head to toe. The organisers say the proceeds of the calendar will go toward women’s rights organisations.

"The Islamic laws Iranian women are subjected to are what's pornographic, since they define women as sexual objects”

Elia Tabesh, 30, posed in the video. She is an Iranian political refugee living in Stockholm, where she is studying Swedish.
I left Iran three years ago for several reasons. I was involved with leftist activists at my university who were fighting for human rights, and due to the government’s crackdowns on activists I no longer felt safe. I also could no longer tolerate living in an Islamic country as a woman. Wherever women go there, whether it’s in schools or in restaurants, they’re treated like second-class citizens. You’re told what to wear and what not to wear, and society regards you as a sexual object. The government even controls your sex life. If you have sex outside of marriage, you can be punished in a manner of ways, including stoning. Or if you refuse to have sex with your husband, you can also be punished.
So when I was contacted to take part in this video, I didn’t hesitate. It’s the least I can do, even if it’s just a small thing, to advance women’s rights. We did this for all the women who want to have freedom over their body and what they wear but cannot, due to Islamic laws and sexist politics.
Reactions to the video have been mixed, of course. Overall, women seem to understand its message better than men. Some people call it pornographic – nonsense. I say the Islamic laws Iranian women are subjected to are pornographic, since they define women as sexual objects!”


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I admire these women's

I admire these women's courage since I will not be able to come out in open and say anything against Muslim religious fanatics for the fear of my life. Yes, there are discriminating passages in bible as well and Christians practiced those edicts in Middle ages but they have moved forward. Muslims are still living in dark ages. They are still practicing 7th century tribal laws in the name of religion.

And what property rights, 1/3 as a sister, 1/6 as a wife, 1/8 as a mother? Half the witness of a man in a court? Women in Saudi Arabial and Iran where there are riligious laws have less rights than a teenage boy. Men can marry 4 and still can engage in Mutta and Misyar both in Shia and Sunni. It is a torture for women. And see the child custody laws. Mother can have the child until he is 7 then father has the right to have the child. There is no end to discrimination.

Muslim have to understand that it is not West who is making Islam look bad, it is them. Religion has to be a personal thing. Make it secular. This is the only way to equal justice everywhere.

Iranian women undress

Judgement is of the Lord not human beings. You have no right to pass any judgement to anybody when it comes to religion. God is the Author and Finsher of mankind,from whatever perspective you are looking at it, it is a complete violation of fundamental human right. Women are not supposed to be subjected to such degraded life.

These are Some Mislead and Ignorant Women ..

I don't understand why are they yelling "sexual discrimination in Islam" ... When a Muslim women wears Hijab its Oppression/Discrimination and When a Nun wears similar dress, she is Pious. A christian women doesn't have "Rights" in her Parents property if a male child is present. Whereas Islam gives right to women for the property. Yet these So called self styled "Revolutionist-as" yell its discrimination ....

Holy Qur'an says : "Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day of Resurrection. So he who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has attained [his desire]. And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion." (Holy Quran : 3:185)

For Sure they will meet him and be rewarded for what they sowed, For God said, its not HIM that's unjust to mankind, but mankind itself is unjust to HIM ...

M question to them ..
Have you ever read the Holy Qur'an (to understand it) Once in your lifetime ?

think once in your whole life, R U Doing it right ?

Womens rights

I notice, Fidosent, that you do not say that you believe in the rights of women. You do not discuss the wearing of Hijab as a sign of inequality. You merely quote from a book that you call holy. But I don't believe for one minute that you follow its teachings in the full spirit of its intentions but merely the subverted tenets of it - rather like many of the Christian sects do with the Bible. If man believed in equality for all, then we would live in a world of peace where we would all be brothers, and the sisters of this world would be the caring people to all that they have always been capable of. But, we men have such an arrogance that in whatever society we dwell in we mould it to our needs.

this is not true, christianity is not against female inheritance

Yes Ctholic nuns cover their hair, but remember it is their choice to become nuns but no one imposed that on them. Besides there are nuns who don't always wear the head gear but nobody charges them for blasphemy whereas muslims charge women where they don't cover themselves.
There is another falacy in your presentation, Christianity does not impose inheritance rights. It is simple children are heirs of their parents. This is why you have queen Elizabeth II ruling as the head of the British monarchy. Can't you realise that the poorest of nations and the most miserable of people are nations of Islam faith?!
Can you imagine for example in northern Nigeria where public transport has to be categorized into female taxis/and buses, and a separate one for men? The funny aspect of this backward law is that this same law forbids women from driving, so the female taxis and buses are driven by male drivers. What an irony!!!!! So what and who is being protected here? these archaic thoughts and ideas are just unacceptable! why don't they mandate different aeroplanes and carry mail and female passengers respectively? That is the extent to the irrelevance of this law.

Equality for all

How on earth can any man born of a woman treat a women as a second class citizen.
Do Muslim men treat their mothers like this.
Life is hard enough as it is without creating further barriers.
As an Englishman I think one of our nations greatest traits is tolerance and I am glad for that.
All humans should be treated equal regardless of sex, race religion.
You should look into your heart and ask yourself if you could really worship a God who wanted you to treat your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother as an inferior human being.
Adolf Hitler's regime started by deciding who were second class citizens and look where that ended.
We should all respect and help one another, it is the only way forward.
God Bless you all (whether you believe in him or not)

Mr. Englishman how many

Mr. Englishman how many female Prime Minister or Executive you have in UK???