Former poll worker asked to ensure Putin wins with ‘70 percent of vote’

Forget transparent ballot boxes or election monitoring. A member of Russia’s League of Voters has posted a taped interview with a former polling station head who says that despite the country’s growing protest movement this year’s presidential elections are set to be anything but free and fair.
Video posted on YouTube by sergeytuchin.
In the 25 minute-long interview, Irina Kolpakova described her experience as the head of a polling station in Russia’s southwestern Samara region. She says she was asked by her superiors to adjust the results from the country’s December 4 parliamentary elections to ensure Russia’s communist party would not win in her precinct.
Kolpakova also said that she will not be working at her polling station during the country’s March 4 presidential ballot, because she refuses to follow instructions to rig the elections in favour of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is seeking a third term as president. According to Kolpakova, election commission authorities have suggested poll workers to “adjust” results so that Putin wins in the first round with 70 percent of the vote.
A spokesperson for Putin declined to comment on the video, saying that it presented no concrete facts or evidence.
Kolpakova was interviewed by Sergei Tuchina, a League of Voters coordinator in the Samara region. The League of Voters was founded on January 18 as an offshoot of Russia’s burgeoning protest movement for free and fair elections, and aims to coordinate and encourage collaboration among independent groups for a more “honest” Russia.


former poll worker

Oh dear, if this is true I fear for the safety of this lady.

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I think this piece of info is just propaganda which aims at destabilizing the power in Russia. The Russian elections are rigged? Then what? Is the people vote being respected in most of the other countries? Democracy is often faked in one way or another. But definitely there is a very recent mass media and diplomatic campaign which aim is to put the Russian politics into chaos. There's my opinion.

evolution of the human spirit

evolution of the human spirit will eventually leave this political illusion behind ,taking us to level where all beings can put away war and corruption,living in peace,raising our children in a new reality and a new vision. patrick