Iranian actress causes scandal after stripping down for French magazine

Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani caused a stir this week after stripping down for French magazine Le Figaro Madame ahead of this year's César awards, France’s equivalent to the Oscars, and then posting one of the nude images on her Facebook page on January 18. The photograph not only provoked a deluge of comments, but also the wrath of Iran’s religious authorities.
According to Iran’s official Fars news agency, “the photo published on the Internet of the deplorable Golshifteh Farahani reveals the terrible face of cinema”.
The 28 year-old actress, who moved to Paris a little more than a year ago, has reportedly been contacted by Iran’s minister of culture and Islamic guidance, who apparently told her that Iran no longer had “need for actors” and that she could “offer her services elsewhere”.
Farahani is known for her roles in films such as American director Ridley Scott’s 2008 drama, “Body of Lies”, and Iranian filmmaker Marjane Satrapi’s latest movie, “Poulet aux Prunes”. She has been nominated for a César award for her role in "If You Die I'll Kill You."
The actress uncovers her breast in a video in preparation for this year's César award ceremony. Video posted on YouTube by imoviewood.


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It's her choice I think..If

It's her choice I think..If she like why shouldn't she do this? only she herself is responsible for her religion if she doesn't have faith so..that's her problem

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