Videos show Homs residents pleading Arab League observers for help

Screen grab from a video showing the Arab League delegation visiting Homs.
More than 70,000 people flooded the streets of Syria’s restive city of Homs to greet Arab League observers on Tuesday, just one day after the delegation arrived in the country to monitor a nine-month-long crackdown on anti-government protests.
This video shows an Arab League observer from Sudan (wearing a green sweater and a navy blue jacket) accompanied by Syrian officials (in bright orange vests and wearing badges). A resident of the neighbourhood of Baba Amr accuses the Syrian officials of hiding the truth from the observer:
Young man: “I’m a resident of this neighbourhood!”
Syrian official (wearing a beige vest): “All statements to the media must go through the president of the [Arab League] delegation.”
Young man: “OK, but you, you tell the observers what you’ve seen! [He turns to another person] Film this. [Addressing the official again:] We can’t cross the street because there are snipers on the roofs. This isn’t a statement to the media, it’s reality! You’ve seen it yourself, and you’ve got to tell the delegation’s president! We are getting killed!”
A voice off-camera: “There were 20 martyrs today!”
Another voice: “Unarmed civilians are dying!”
Yet another voice: “Walk farther down that way, and you’ll see tanks!”
Just before the Arab League observers arrived in Syria, Homs residents said that while most tanks had left the neighbourhood of Baba Amr, some remained, as can be seen in this video:
The blasts at the end of the video (at 0’52) come from the army shooting several blocks away, still in the Baba Amr neighbourhood. You can hear the same detonations in this video.
This video shows the same Arab League observer visiting one of the streets that was bombarded Monday morning.
The video below shows the same street, with the same mortar fire damage and the same puddles of blood as in the previous video.
Just before the Arab League observers arrived in Homs, we spoke with two of our sources living there, who said that faced this extreme violence, they have all but lost hope. They believe that the Arab League delegation sent to monitor the situation in the country is powerless to do anything, and are convinced that at this point, nobody will help them.

"The regime operates with a feeling of complete impunity"

Rami is an activist living in Homs.
The authorities are only biding time by accepting Arab League observers in the country. Meanwhile, they are massacring as many people as possible to put an end to the revolt. Even if the observers did get to see what was going on in Baba Amr, what good would that do? They would just confirm what everyone already knows, and nothing would change for us. This regime operates with a feeling of complete impunity, which will last as long as it has Russia and China’s support."

"The observers are just the official representatives of their governments, which are no more democratic than ours is"

Abou Maymouneh lives in the neighbourhood of Al Ghootah.
Most of the residents in Homs don’t trust the Arab League observers. After all, they are just the official representatives of their governments, which are no more democratic than ours is. What’s more, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be able to enter into contact with these people. We will do everything we can to speak to them and get our message across, but we have no illusions."


Bashar`s day is coming soon

Shame on the western allies that kept silent all this time that syrians die, just because Syria has no petrol, no body is interested in its fate.