Leaked video exposes police brutality

A protest against pollution turned violent Tuesday in Haimen, a seaside town in China’s wealthy southern province of Guangdong. Protesters demonstrating against plans to build a second coal-fired power plant said dozens of people had been badly beaten by police, while there were unconfirmed reports that a 15-year-old boy had been killed.
Despite the Chinese authorities’ censorship of the Internet, an amateur video of police brutality during the protest has been leaked onto social networking sites.
This video was published on December 21. Police begin treating protesters harshly at 2 minutes 22 seconds. 


I hate cops

All cops even the so called good ones because they will cover for the bad causing them to be equally tainted.

However in this video I can't help but notice all the things being thrown at the police including what I guess are smoke bombs. In this case can you really blame the cops for trying to clear out the area or should they just stand there and get pelted with whatever?

China police is still

China police is still learning how to treat well protesters - like US police and the Occupy Wall Street protesters (sic!)