In Saudi Arabia, drivers violently attack speed radar controllers

Saudi Arabians like to drive fast – to the extent that some will physically attack those who try to slow them down. 
The country’s speed camera system, installed a year and a half ago, is called “Saher.” It has sparked the ire of many drivers, who have been forced to slow down to under 80 km in urban centres and 140 km on highways, or face hefty fines. Some have taken their rage out on the cameras themselves, but more recently, infuriated drivers have started assaulting the employees of private companies who operate the camera system.
A video has surfaced of the most serious assault yet. According to the Saudi press, two weeks ago a man used a rifle to shoot a speed camera monitoring car, which burst into flames. The driver died.
Many Saher operators say they have been victims of physical attacks on the job, including stabbings. And they're at the end of their tether. On Wednesday, a dozen of these employees went to their bosses to denounce their working conditions, asking for better protection, social security benefits, and increased pay.
This story came to our attention thanks to one of our Observers in Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Alsaeedi.


fast drivers in Saudi

but they won't let women drive..

speed limit

unfortunately most accidents are not caused by excess speed

The obsession with speed limit detracts our atention from the main causes of major ,

the main cause for major accidents is dangerous manoeuers such as overtaking , on

bends and when there is bad visibility, people driving with too much alcool in their

system , and vehicles that are not safe.

It is very easy to control speed limit, but besides the fines you achieve nothing from it

reasons for accidents on road ways

Things that need to be in place to lower the accident rate in saudi arabia people that are unlicen drivers if cought driving car van bus etc should be taken away from them and to be put in jail dangerous driving example not using traffic traffic singnals they sould be put before the court and pay speed law should be more serious for those dont want cameras should be more smartly install
So that the people cannot see them example on light poles under bridges etc these are my views safty is important we must leran to obey law if you can then you should be punish for causing danger to other road users