The UFO videos that are all the buzz in China

Several amateur videos showing flying saucers flying over a city popped up online on August 6.
These images captivated Chinese web users. Most of them, of course, thought they must be part of a hoax.
“If this video is fake, the guy who made it is the future of China cinema.”
“This looks strangely similar to the flying saucers in 'Battle Los Angeles'."
Some, however, were less sceptical…

“You are all ignorant. Abroad, the existence of UFOs has long been accepted.”
A web user then revealed a troubling detail in a third video of these mysterious UFOs.
He noticed that the Chinese voices in the video are the same ones as in another video, filmed during the recent riots in England.
Wednesday, a graphic design student finally revealed the videos were a hoax. He admitted on this forum that he had made all these films. He even apologized for causing massive deception…



You have problems if you can't tell those videos are fake.

design student admits hoax

what a childish waste of talent...from an obviously talented ,but ignorant unaware individual(s)