Four days of UK riots in 10 amateur images

For four days now, London and several other cities throughout the United Kingdom have been rocked by violent riots. Scores of amateur photographers and videographers have captured the events. Watch videos and read more…
The riots first started in London, after a 29-year-old man was killed when police tried to arrest him on August 4. On Tuesday, police announced a second person had died in the riots; he was found shot dead in his car. On Wednesday, three more men were killed after they were hit by a vehicle in Birmingham.
1 - A young man sets fire to a store in Manchester in broad daylight.
2 - Looters steal from a young man injured during the riots.
Video posted on YouTube on August 8.
3 - In Hackney, London, a woman chastises young looters.

4 - A looter checks out the size on the jeans he’s just stolen from a store.
Image posted on Twitpic.
5 - Looters try to steal a flat-screen TV.
Video posted on YouTube on August 8.

6 - Looters throw parasols at the police. This doesn’t work too well.

Vidéo posted on YouTube on August 7.
7 - On August 9, London residents helped clean up their neighbourhoods.

8 - A leaflet distributed to looters gives advice on how to avoid being recognised by police on videos.

9 - A pub is vandalised in Peckham, south London.
Video posted on YouTube on August 8.
10 - The aftermath of a night of riots in London’s Ealing neighbourhood.
Video posted on YouTube on August 8.


Common sense is not that common

These are the same Issue in France and the way they help the poor unemployed Hmm-mm! England, France etc....... why the Governments only talk about how they will use any force at their disposal the stop the riots. but before the riots broke out they had no force to at their disposal to Educate, train, employ, include in society and fed the elderly. Where was the money then for those services. when England is burning all the governments good for is beating, shooting,chasing the same people they thought should be poor, quiet, and out of sight, now they are in everyone sights. Educate, train, include in society and employ befits all.

"UK" riots

Would welcome a little accuracy ion your headlines and general coverage - the riots have taken place throughout England - the other three constituents of the United Kingdom are unaffected (as yet) and until they are, your content should reflect this fact.

Common sense is not that common

Pitsligo from your base of analysis you have not correctly gotten the point which in fact proves the theory that common sense is not that common read do a careful analyses then reply. These riots took place in England is that no true get a map and look at it you will see the location of the riots are in England FACT.


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Common sense is not that common

A regular Joe

Firstly, Pitsligo's comment was not in response to your post, nor aimed at you at all. It was commenting on the news article we all just read, where the heading referred to the "UK Riots".

Secondly, the point being made was that the heading is inaccurate - so far the riots have been isolated to England. Yes, England is in the UK - no-one is disputing that. The point remains that no riots have taken place in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and therefore it's inaccurate to describe them as UK riots.

I think you just proved your own point about common sense. Perhaps you should take your own advice - read, analyse CAREFULLY and then reply.