Vilnius mayor brings out the big tanks to fight illegal parking

It’s best to avoid parking illegally in bike lanes if you live in Vilnius, Lithuania, or the mayor may just crush your car with a tank. Mayor Arturas Zuaokas, a big smile on his face, shows just how serious he is about cracking down on illegal parking in this video, first broadcast as part of a Swedish television show called “99 things you should do before you die” before going viral online. It’s currently been viewed over 1.5 million times.
The mayor triumphantly crushes a car with a tank bought by the city for the occasion. 


silly old poseur with galsses

silly old poseur with galsses up hair and big gold necklace.

on the other hand there needs to be the ability to park and shop or else the town loses?

Just perfect! Simple and

Just perfect!
Simple and effective. Go ahead, I'll vote for you

Excellent deterrent!

I am all for naturalizing this guy and bringing him in as the next U.S. President so maybe he can take action over here. They seem to prefer luncheons and playing the blame game and golf more than getting the job done. Quite frankly, if you're stupid enough to park in a no parking zone, especially in a bike lane, particularly in a country where you know bike use is prominent, then you're too stupid to be driving a car anyway. Follow the laws of the road, and you won't pay the price.