Quirkiest summer job ever: keeping mini-Shanghai clean

This miniature model of the Shanghai of 2020, on view at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, is the biggest to-scale urban model in the world. During a recent visit to the museum, Shanghai Scrap author Adam Minter came across this team of assiduous young men meticulously scrubbing the tiny city. Barefoot amidst the shrunken skyscrapers, the men look more like giant Godzillas than a cleaning team. Yet twice a year, they scour the epic model with paintbrushes, mini-dusters and a vacuum, leaving the Shanghai of the future spic and span.
All photos originally posted on Shanghai Scrap.


At first i weren´t sure what

At first i weren´t sure what you mean with little Shanghai, but then i saw the pictures and now i understand what this job was about.
I´m fascinated about this model. This is sure a small town, but it has so many details. This must have been quite an adventure, cleaning up this city. If i were cleaning this, i were anxious destroying some buildings. But i think you werre carefull enough. Now the mini Shanghai should be clean again.