Chinese officials win ridicule for Internet's worst doctored photo. Ever.

Three government officials in China’s Huili county, in the south-west Sichuan province, brought fame to their little corner of the country after publishing a doctored image of them inspecting a new road earlier this week. The image, which was poorly touched up, quickly became a popular source of Internet derision as the world’s worst-doctored photograph. Ever.
Original photo published of the three officials by the Huili County Government.
These days, techniques to alter an image have been so refined it sometimes takes an expert to spot when the lighting has been changed or a waist-line slimmed down. However, it appears that none of these techniques were applied in the officials’ photograph. Instead, the men appear to be floating over the road, as though performing a levitation trick in a magic show. Now, thanks to slightly more talented image surgeons, these three officials can be seen floating around the world and even through some fantasy lands.
Huili county officials with US President Barack Obama.
Huili county officials on the "Christ the Redeemer" ("Cristo Redentor", in Portugese)statue in the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro.
Huili county officials alongside famous French footballer Zinedine Zidane.
Huili county officials inspecting drinking water for dinosaurs during prehistoric times.
And last but not least, Huili county officials on the moon. Photos published on
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Zidane should be respected

I think you shouldn't spoof Zidane's infamous 2006 headbutt incident. He's one of the best players of all time and he doesn't deserve this at all. What occurred was in this past.

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Ya really great news, thanks for sharing

Wow. This is almost as bad as

Wow. This is almost as bad as Obama's Birth Certificate. Almost

Woof. ... Really? ... Woof.

Woof. ... Really? ... Woof.


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There's a terrific amount of knowledge in this arictle!


Funny stuff joseph!

Ha! I can take the chinks on

I can take the chinks on ANY day........but who would I fight half an hour later?

reply by,,walker

The picture is obviously a hoot.

If it makes you so much enraged - please take your pills more regularly

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