Heavy police presence deters planned Women's Day protests in Tehran

Despite the Iranian government's brutal efforts to clamp down on any sign of renewed opposition protests, young Iranians planned to go out into the street on March 8, International Woman's day. Once again, however, a strong police presence  deterred many demonstrators from taking to the streets.
Pre-protest nighttime chants on March 7:
As custumary before scheduled protests, citizens of Tehran defy the ban on shouting after nightfall to chant "Death to the Dictator" and "God is Great" on the night before International Women's Day. Video posted on YouTube on March 7 by iran2010freedom.

Heavily deployed riot police in the streets of Tehran on March 8, 2011:
Video posted on YouTube by MrMhsr.
Riot police disperse a what appears to be a small group of protesters in Tehran on March 8, 2011. Video posted on YouTube by UNITY4IRAN.

"We plan to protest every Tuesday"

One of our Observers in Tehran, who prefers to remain anonymous, courageously sent us a video comment shot on March 1which highlights her determination to continue challenging President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his administration. She says: "We plan to go out into the streets even if it is cold and rainy. The  imprisonment of [opposition leaders] Mousavi and Karoubi has made people so angry. The protests [on March 1] are only the start. We plan to protest every Tuesday. Next week is Women's day and we will all go out into the street. It's also the last Tuesday of the Iranian Year. The revolution that is taking place in the Middle East is encouraging Iranians to make even more efforts to overthrow the Islamic Republic. If the movement picks up, the regime is bound to fall."


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Riot in charshanbesoori

Charshanbesoori, is the name of an ancient ceremony, that has been held held by iranian since 1400.Bc. This year the ceremony has mixed with the pro- green movment protests across major cities. I am at city of isfahan, its much more like a battle field, than a big city. Fireworks with huge noises of explosion hear from every where. Police seems can do nothing except arresting some young men.