Witnesses say African mercenaries have been captured in Libya

An alleged African mercenary is lyched by an enfuriated mob of protestors. The image is taken from a video posted on YouTube
Many of our Observers in Libya reported to FRANCE24 that mercenaries from sub-Saharan African countries have been tapped by Muammar Gaddafi’s government to crack down on protesters. Videos currently circulating on the Web show that in some cases these alleged mercenaries have been captured and lynched by Libyan demonstrators.

"Sending in mercenaries [to intimidate demonstrators] is a strategic mistake for Gaddafi. The only thing it does is convince police officers and soldiers to turn against the regime"..

Omar is a Libyan activist exiled in London. He is the coordinator of Libyan Youth Movement an organisation composed of Libyan nationals living both inside and outside of the country. They organise anti-Gaddafi demonstrations through social networks.
Demonstrators didn’t film these images because they’re sadists. They filmed these scenes to show to the world that Muammar Gaddafi recruited African mercenaries to make sure his repression was effective. There is a rumour going around that they will receive 9,000 euros for every Libyan they deliver dead. [Some websites cite figures as high as 22,000 euros other cite a per diem of 370 euros. These rumours have not been confirmed]. What we do know is that they do not speak the local Arabic. Often, they speak English or French.
This video shows the cadavers of two alleged African mercenaries on the hood of a car in Al Baida. This video was posted on YouTube February 20. WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES.
East of the country, mercenaries were hunted down by protestors with police help. Sending in mercenaries [to intimidate demonstrators] is a strategic mistake for Gaddafi. The only thing it does is convince police officers and soldiers to turn against the regime. In Al Baida, Derna and Benghazi the family members of local police officers are taking part in the protests. Even in the army’s core, there are renown soldiers resigning across Benghazi and Sirte. [The International Federation for Human Rights confirmed to AFP Monday that army resignations will give way for cities “to fall”].
Today, these three towns were surrounded by mercenary troops. One of my sources in Benghazi told me that some of them were captured by protesters. That’s how we know that they’re from Chad or Mauritania. They’re dressed in military uniforms and they sometimes wear yellow helmets. They’re dressed like Gaddafi’s soldiers but they are black”.
An African thought to be a mercenary is captured by demonstrators, east of Libya. This video was posted on YouTube February 21.

In the video, the captured man answers questions being asked by the mob of protestors in Arabic.
A protestor: “Who is giving you orders”?
The man: “They come from up high. I swear, I swear…orders, orders”.
A protestor: “They told you to fire at us”?
The man: “Yes, yes”.
The mob begins to fight. Numerous voices begin to shout “no, don’t do that…make him talk. We cannot act like they do”.


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of ρrecious expeгience concerning unpгedicted emotions.

I would not be biased and help you.

So wheres all the Black African citizens of Lybia, i take it in an african country, ther are some of its natural people?
I see mainly Arabs lynching black Africans, Qahdafi uses them, thee opposition just abuses them.
African better rise up, or death will comma callin.

black african interfering busy bodies,interferring in internal l

those mercernaries are stupid.they are not libyans,and should keep their long snouts out of libyan affairs.

My husband

My husband is in Libya eastern part and he is working for a company there, he does not speak arabic well and he is a black african. Im worried for his life. He has a baby at home! He would never kill anyone, he has already experienced war in his home and now life was looking bright thanks to the good people of Libya for giving him a job! I have not spoken to him for 6 days now. What if he is captured and accused of being a mercanary simply because he is black? Im so scared. His daughter is crying all night and his baby dont understand where his father is. I first thought it was not a bad thing the revolution because these are muslim people and they say they are peaceful, but if they kill him I dont know what to do...


Dear Madam, i am a Libyan man from the west and i feel what you say! you must understand that know unarmed person will be hurt unless otherwise have been seen in an act of offense. i assure you that your husband is fine as the east part is free but you did not mention in which part or city. please send me the information name, place of work ..etc. so i can send it to the people via facebook blog and see how can we help you. Libyan people are peaceful but the murderer Gadafi and his followers will do anything inhuman as they already did to their own people. Mercenaries are present that is sure and they are black and also black Libyans from the south, there is not a color discrimination in Libya! but i understand what you say. in my home town there are even mercenaries from Algeria as well, however, who puts his weapon down he will not be killed and this the teachings of all Muslims by our Islamic law! if they are really Muslims! but will be hold as a captive! regards. free Libyan

Misguided information

I am very sorry to see these clips. One of the guys in the seen is black Libyan "not from other African countries" His family lives in EL Mansoura village in Elwadi shatty district. about 200 KM from Borack Ashhati. ( Borack AL Shatty is about 700KM south of Tripoli).

I have not got permission to put his name here. Hope his family will see this and they will clarify.

Few facts:

Most of the residents of Fezzan (Southern part of Libya) are black skinned. Try to find photo of Libyan Embassordor to UN Mr Abdelrahman Shalgam (Is he mercenery?) Try to see photo of Top man of Gaddafi's Information office director (Bashir Saleh), he is more dark skinned than Nelson Mandella, does that mean he is a mecenariy from Africa?. I am not trying to be a racist but just to clarify few facts.

The guy who was beaten and was answering questions in Arabic especially in western Libyan arabic accent can't be a mercenery. in this link """An African thought to be a mercenary is captured by demonstrators, east of Libya. This video was posted on YouTube February 21."""

Facts about dark skinned people in Libya ( almost whole residents of city called Taworga in the west and Abusalim in the city of Tripoli and most of the people of Fezzan are dark skinned) They might originally be from Africa not Arab Bedweens, they were part of libyan regime, libyan Army and it seems now they are forced to do the job. I opposed Gaddafi for few years in the exile but not a racist.

Disappointed Black Libyan
JFY Info


what kind of monster do you have to be to accept money to go to another
country and kill unarmed civilians?
I assume the same kind of monster that gave the orders and pay them to do it.


as you might have noticed from the thread, some of these Africans don't make a voluntary decision. It's orders from above. They have to take heed. But if it's voluntary, then it's absurd!


I would rather ask the question, how poor would you have to be?

And I would ask, "How

And I would ask, "How uneducated and how spiritually empty are the people who do these kind of things?"