Johnson & Johnson execs play Nazis in role-play blunder

Not everyone’s idea of fun. Employees of the Malaysian branch of US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson attended a recent briefing seminar in a Kuala Lumpur hotel dressed up as…Hitler.
The scene takes place in on December 3rd in a luxury hotel in the Malaysian capital. According to the hotel’s clients, local employees of the American company were participating in a role-playing workshop during which they were asked to play a “negative hero”. They picked Adolf Hitler, and promptly donned swastika armbands and the Nazi dictator’s trademark black moustache. The game could have remained an inside joke if the participants had stayed inside their meeting room. Instead, they paraded around the hotel in their costumes, for all of the hotels other astonished guests to see.
Contacted by FRANCE 24, Michelle Lawlor, director of communications for Johnson & Johnson, sent us the following statement: "We deplore and apologise for the actions of our employees in this incident. We have launched an investigation into this unfortunate matter and we will take swift and appropriate action based on our findings.”
Meanwhile, in France, the company is being accused of being the “No.1 Job destroyer” in the country.  Dozens of Johnson & Johnson employees were protesting in front of their company headquarters near Paris on Monday, right across the street from FRANCE 24. They were denouncing the scheduled closure of a plant in the French region of Eure-et-Loire which, according to union representatives, is due to company plans to relocate production to less costly parts of the world.


Why not?

They were supposed to play an anti-hero. In other words, a scoundrel, a villain, the "bad guy". Does this imply that those who reported this issue believes that Hitler is not a "bad guy"? Do the people who reported this and/opposed to the Johnson&Johnson employees picking Hitler as the anti-hero, adore Hitler? Do they love Hitler as a hero? If they do, then that is their right to their point of view (no matter how sickening that is to me personally), but please on the flipside allow those employees their right to express their belief that Hitler is a scoundrel.

Exec of this giant company

Exec of this giant company badly need a common sense and moral ethic training instead


Reminds me of the time some extras from a World War II movie nearly got arrested in Brussels. They stayed in full costume for their lunch break to the horror of passers-by.

Having said that, these guys were asked to play a negative hero, not a role model! I wouldn't make such a big deal of it.

I agree

Michael is right on here. This is nothing more than a mole hill.

I agree, this isn't news. If

I agree, this isn't news. If anything, they did the best they could to fulfill the roleplay's 'requirements'.