Shocking videos show systematic humiliation of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers

A former US soldier who served in Iraq has posted a series of three videos on YouTube called “Fun with Iraqi Detainees”. What they show doesn’t exactly match most people’s idea of fun.
Retired army specialist Ethan McCord, best known for his role in the infamous “collateral murder video” released by Wikileaks in April and now a vocal critic of the US military intervention in Iraq, posted the videos on YouTube on October 13th. He states that they were shot during his time as a member of the Bravo Company 2-16 in Iraq, in 2007. McCord explains that he started to “acquire” this kind of video “once [he] realised that what [they] were doing in Iraq is wrong”. Unsure of how to release them responsibly, he kept them to himself for over three years before posting them on the Internet.
Over and over again, the videos show the systematic humiliation of Iraqi prisoners in the hands of US soldiers. The abuse is never physical, but mental and emotional. “In my eyes, this is worse than simply striking a person” wrote McCord on However, he stresses that public anger should not be directed towards the soldiers in the videos but towards “the system that trained them.”

This video shows a  US soldier  taunting a detainee, blindfolded and in tears, that he is “going to prison”. When the soldier is told by a voice off camera to “stop fucking with the detainees. Just let’em sit there”, he simply grins. 


The video shows a soldier singing and laughing into a terrified Iraqi detainee’s ear while his colleagues look on, amused. The Iraqi was arrested for having an AK-47 in his home.


This video shows a soldier ordering a bound and blindfolded Iraqi prisoner to put his “hands up, hands down” over and over again. The little game reportedly went on for approximately 45 minutes.

 According to Ethan McCord, all videos show members of Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry and were recorded at FOB (Forward Operating Base) Rustamiyah in eastern Baghdad in 2007.

Post written with Lorena Galliot.



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oh... i wish i never found

oh... i wish i never found this.. there is no point in humiliating ones who are already screwed
now i am going to be in a bad mood for a long time...
i just wish there were no wars :(

you bring only shame to your nation

Whatever the justifications for the occupation you have to brought shame to your civilized nation at your disposal. Have you painted a perfect picture of the occupier and ethics so you can not convince anyone credibility of your project. I am sure that any fair in the world is watching this movie does not have help but sympathize with these detainees ... Congratulations to earn your hands. The detainees are either released or killed, but did not keep your shame only

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These are American values and culture and the world has always been aware of them.This happens all over the world and Afghans have been living with worse humiliation for the past nine years.The Americans have nothing to benefit from creating several millions of enemies right across the globe.

Tolerance becomes a crime

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.
Tell this story to Margaret Hassan.

Nothing wrong with this

Why would anyone think this is shocking behavior? If you want to see shocking behavior then look at what happens to American soldiers when they are captured by the Taliban. Getting your head cut off is shocking, talking to prisoners is not.

Taliban's actions were a

Taliban's actions were a mistake, you should have the moral courage to admit a mistake of us soldiers

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yea idiot they cut your head off because you are occupying their land ....retard


Well since you say cutting a head off is logical- then we should cut all taliban heads off because of direct support of the Taliban who caused 9-11 on our soil.

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Also if you want to talk about occupying land then get your people out of our land- Europe- because Muslims do not belong there.

I don't believe these things but applying your same logic full circle these same conclusions become logical parallels. People who view the situation like you do- make me edge closer to these radical views even though I don't want to. Your true colors are evident to me but not likewise.