Surprise YouTube hit shows N. Korean girl praising 'socialist paradise'

A video of a pretty North Korean girl heaping praise on Pyongyang’s communist regime has gone viral in recent months. Her message is clear: life in her country is a socialist paradise, while the West knows only poverty and chaos.

The video went largely unnoticed when it was first posted on YouTube in March of 2009. That all changed on June 5th, when it was picked up and reposted by a South Korean blogger living in the United States. Since, it has become a YouTube sensation among South Korean Web users, who granted seem more interested in her pretty face than in what she has to say.

The young woman, Park Jin-Joon, introduces herself as a student at Pyongyang Teacher’s University. Her stylish bob contrasts with the old-fashioned Stalinist propaganda of yesteryear.

Throughout the video, Park’s voiceover praises North Korea’s socialist regime, which guarantees a life of happiness and serenity to all of its residents. Jubilant scenes depict the whole family clapping their hands and singing. A far cry, she tells us, from the misery of the capitalist world that conspires against the great Kim Jong-Il, and where the people kill themselves and die of hunger.


Subtitles by France 24.


N. Korean girl

No dilemma: this is a promotional TV story about dictatorial regime in North Korea.

For sure there are lot of happy families who enjoys in such system. A family from this video is one of them. North Koreans do not know for better and they do not need better. If they feel bad they would change their desperate situation. Desperation activates human instict to fight, to change things in life. I ll give you some examples: Russia, China, Serbia.

But North Korean do not have such problems. They would face the problem with capitalism rules, because the communist people very hardly accept law of capitalism world. They rather like dicators giving them sure virtual reality and minimal paying.

From other side: all told about capitalism is truth ! Video materials from West is horrible reality. So many poverty. So much nonhuman treatment in capitalist world. How many people in USA do not have health insurance? How many die due it? There is no more American dream. It dissapeared like a fog.
Western hemisphere is full of brutality. Only small percent people live normal in human conditions. The majority thinkg chronicle how to survive. Currently economic crisis shows it.

Youre long on mouth and

Youre long on mouth and short on experience.

Not so sad and closer to the Truth

A number of countries need good dictators: developing nations where tremendous progress -in terms of social/economical standards- is needed and which would be jeopardized were there to be the usually slow dichotomous democracy. Singapore is a good example of succeeding dictatorship i.e. benefits to the population as a whole outweigh the hardships of the few. For North Korea, note the condition 'good' dictatorship.