Colombo’s anti-UN protestors ‘backed by the government’

Image: vikalpa.

Demonstrations in Colombo, Sri Lanka against a UN investigation into the possible commission of war crimes in the country entered their third day on Thursday. One of our Observers there explains why the protests are a dream come true for a certain government minister.

Some 7,000 people were killed in the final stages of Sri Lanka's 25-year offensive against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). After evidence that appeared to show human rights abuses during that period emerged, the United Nations decided to appoint a panel of experts to investigate whether war crimes were committed. The announcement on 23 June was met with fury in Colombo, where the government labelled it "totally unacceptable and unwarranted".

On Tuesday a group of pro-government protestors surrounded the UN building in the capital, trapping hundreds of staff inside. The movement is being lead by the vociferous Housing Minister Wimal Weerawansa, who began a hunger strike on Thursday as part of the protest. In line with the government's own stance, the protestors say that President Mahinda Rajapakse has already promised his own investigation into the affair, rendering foreign interference unnecessary and anti-sovereign.


Images of the protests

Filmed by our Observer, Thapu on Tuesday, and posted on the citizen journalist website, Vikalpa.

Wimal Weerawansa on hunger strike outside the UN compound. Photo by posted on Vikalpa by Karapoththa.

“Minister Weerawansa will be hailed a hero following this affair”

Thapu (not his real name) works for Sri Lankan citizen journalist website Vikalpa. He's covering the protests in Colombo.

Even though they haven't admitted to it, it's so obvious that the government is backing the protest. They wanted the UN panel gotten rid of, and they're only too happy to have someone fight their battles for them.

The proof of that came when the government ordered the police to leave the scene on Tuesday. They say it's because this is a democratic state and people have the right to freedom of expression. But really it's because they didn't want the protest disrupted.

Buddhist monks and the extremists

It was easy for the government to get the country's Buddhist monks [which make up a large part of the protestors] involved in the demonstration for two reasons:


  1. Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka interpret any foreign involvement - such as that of the UN - as imperialism.
  2. Most of the monks side with the country's extremist groups and have always been very anti-LTTE. They believe that the UN and other foreign institutions are trying to give life to the defeated LTTE. So even though Velupillai Prabhakaran [the late LTTE leader] is dead and the LTTE is no more, these extremists believe - and say out loud - that foreigners are trying to re-establish the LTTE.

The housing minister running the show

Here in Sri Lanka, Wimal Weerawansa is very close to President Mahinda. He holds a great deal of sway in decision making. He is also very popular; as leader of the far-right National Freedom Front Party he received the highest number of votes in the western province in the last general election.

My guess is that Weerawansa will go on hunger strike for a few days. Then the police will come and take him ‘by force' (he will have planned this) to the hospital. Weerawansa will be hailed as a hero by the public and the government will tell the UN that one of their ministers almost died because of them... what a happy ending! But the problem remains a problem.

We say to the government: if you're innocent, then where's the harm in the panel? If a government repeatedly refuses an investigation into operations they were responsible for, what does that refusal imply?"

The siege continues

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ready for a lynching. Posted on Groundviews 8 July 2010.

Outisde the UN building in Colombo on Thursday. Photo by posted on Vikalpa by Karapoththa.

Protestors surround Wimal Weerawansa at the start of his hunger strike on Thursday. Photo by posted on Vikalpa by Karapoththa.

Barack Obama and Ban Ki-moon both accused. Photo by Indi Samarajiva 6 July 2010.

A protestor raises a Sri Lankan flag on the UN building. Photo by Indi Samarajiva 6 July 2010. 


Haha the "citizen

Haha the "citizen journalists" frauds are coming out now to defend their fraudulent (yet exposed) work by posting comments to themselves to pat themselves on the back. Nothing smacks of PATHETIC than that. It is no different to the rubbish they accuse Sri Lanka of then provide “anonymous witnesses” for, then keep repeating eventually turning (or trying to) a lie into a fact.

What seems to be a pattern here is that same people who hurl an accusation at Sri Lanka, repeat it often, are the same ones who provide the “evidence” (which they themselves have fabricated) which they then repeat, then they call for an “investigation” which is to be carried out by them. Judge, jury, (anonymous) “witnesses”, “evidence”, executioner and court are all the same. Simply repeating a lie again and again is how these people turn a bogus “allegation” they themselves have made into a “truth”. Goebbles would be put to shame for he never excelled like this.

The most important question is, how much are these people being paid for. You will find these “humanitarnists” and other “journalists” need to earn their supper and are filthy rich compared to the ordinary citizens of Sri Lanka –they earn their living off peoples misery and want to keep them miserable to keep the checks and cash rolling in, if that means lying, engineering situations and misery for ordinary innocent people the world it will be done (as pointed out by another commentator, Raju, I believe, below). These people who thrive on human misery (originating mainly from the West with local hangers on like these “citizen journalists” frauds) are real criminals against humanity and need to be brought to held accountable and brought to justice if there ever is to be a fair world where poor people –especially those in the third world- are not having their difficulties and miseries exploited for the greed and selfishness of a few immoral inhuman people (again mainly from the West who disgusting individualism and personal greed are a way of life + their hangers on in the 3rd world).

The end of Sri Lankas conflict meant these people no longer have a tool to exploit and get rich on.
Lets not forget how these people, the UN and the humanitarians earned “a little extra” during the good ‘ole days with uncle Praba around who along with other Western funded NGOs built the LTTEs military infrastructure provided huge amounts of resources (including building and construction materials, heavy lifters, radar, maritime equipment, missile launchers, the LTTEs planes, going to the extent of submarine warfare equipment) and logistical support (UN/NGO vehicles including ambulances to transport LTTE cadres and suicide bombers) to all to strengthen the LTTEs capabilities –all in the name of “humanitarian aid”, “tsunami assistance” and “helping the people” of course.

Thanks thaku! Looks like

Thanks thaku! Looks like you've got the world against you... Good luck

Who is printing all this

Who is printing all this meaningless nonsense?

A "Citizen journalist"(WTF?) with only one publication?

The paid stooges are alive! This fiasco has the markings of a whole planned operation of CIA!!! Hahaa...........

First the murmur of war crimes and human rights violations start, then a few publications "predicting" the same, then some eye witness accounts, then some "real" witness accounts, then a narratives, when the tigers are cornered: "We are observing the situation carefully", then a murmur of satellite technology is so great now the US can see EVERYTHING real time(!!!???), when annihilation of tigers are inevitable: SAVE THE PPL! STOP A BLOOD BATH! Call the foreign minister, call EVERYBODY to save the tigers!, tigers are gone but the government still doesn't fall in line: WAR CRIMESSSS baby, WAR CRIMESSSSZZZ!

This is the time they are going to be check mated the worst way in their short history!

Good luck puppets of US/UK/EU/UN! Keep rowing the sinking boat! At least try to save the face now rather than get out maneuvered by a small state like Sri Lanka!

Too close for comfort?

Love to see you get your feathers ruffled. If there's any evidence of sri lankas war crimes it's how nervous you guys get when anyone starts digging. Btw, avoid using caps, they make you look irrational. I await your infuriated reply!

The only worried people are

The only worried people are the Tamil supremacists and their western backers. Good luck with your warcrimes panel. I think by the end of this particular saga, it will be UN chief who will be out of a job. Don't mess with the Sinhalese Buddhists, everyone whoever tried to harm them has paid a heavy price: e.g. Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Prabhakaran.

Anand-USA, thanks for that

Anand-USA, thanks for that highly informative post. I have re-used it on another website where this issue is being discussed.

Accountability & responsibility for war crimes

Robert Blake (former US Ambassador to Sri Lanka), David Milliband and other Western countries along with certain UN officials (Navi Pillai, Radhika Coomaraswamy and Gordon Wiess) as well as prominent Tamils in the West should be held responsible for violating human rights in Sri Lanka, and made accountable for war crimes during the final stages of Sri Lanka's conflict.

It was Robert Blake and David Milliband in collusion with the LTTE (through the Tamil diaspora in the West) that ordered the creation of a human shield using the civilian population with the intended goal of engineering a humanitarian catastrophe so as to justify intervention to save the LTTE and perpetuate war, human rights violations and bloodshed in Sri Lanka.

When this failed they ordered the LTTE to carry out a "blood bath" and trap the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in it, this also failed due to the consideration given to the civilian population by Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe, and involved sacrificing nearly 1300 soldiers to safeguard the lives of civilians (something Western countries would never do as the lives of their soldiers and people of white skin colour are of more importance -just see Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam as well as Western media coverage where only tears are spilt for their trigger happy soldiers).

It is out of anger at their failures to save the LTTE and prolong war and instability in Sri Lanka along with the manner in which the Rajapakshe Government not only defied their dictates but also did not fall into their well engineered traps that Robert Blake, David Milliband and others are attacking Sri Lanka with falsified reports and artificial claims of "war crimes" and "blood bath". They HOPED a "blood bath" would happen; they created the conditions for one to take place, yet they failed. That is a testament to the brilliance, dedication and sacrifice of our Armed Forces. Out of frustration of their failures to get a "blood bath" the West along with their "free" media decided to concoct one with assistance from their Tamil allies. The only "blood bath" to happen is the one they made up on paper.

The Wests so called "free media" is an extension of their foreign policy, which under the illusion of the lofty ideals they peddle of "being free" and "fair" is in fact the biggest user of censorship, silencing of opposing arguments which do not suit their pre-set agenda and the greatest manufactures and broadcasters of out right fabrications, exaggerations and grotesque racially driven propaganda. Most comical is their arrogant thinking that their white skin coupled with their bogus title of "being free" gives them the right to go anywhere and must be believed as the absolute truth –those who oppose are either "brainwashed" or "not independent". There reporting is riddled with racist bias but it must be the sole truth because they claim to be "free" and "report all sides" so naturally the side they choose is the "righteous" one like them.

It must be remembered that immediately after Killinochchi fell it was clear to the West the LTTE was over, there much touted claims of invincibility and "Stalingrad" proved to be empty. It was at this same time out of nowhere did the West and their associated organs such as the UN (Wiess, Coomaraswamy & Pillai), NGOs (ICG, AI, HRW) and media start taking about "war crimes" and "blood baths" long before any conditions for such came into being. What was happening was clear: a "message" was being sent to Sri Lanka to "stop the war or be punished" and thus conditions for "stopping the war" were hastily put together, primarily the creation of a human shield and a humanitarian catastrophe and if Sri Lanka did not play ball "reasons" to punish Sri Lanka for such defiance were thus also there.

Thus the ICG’s or HRWs pronouncements is nothing new or unexpected, they made this false accusation of "war crimes" back in January 2009, there latest "report" is merely finding (fabricating) "facts" to fit pre-made conclusions. As back then and today they have resorted to manipulations and exaggerations, using "evidence" that is unsubstantiated and artificial with no basis other than fiction to push an agenda different to the one projected i.e. punishing Sri Lanka for ending its civil war despite the lengths and depths of human depravity the West and Tamils have gone to try and continue the war, and this is seen by the cusp of the ICG’s (and other Western organs) argument lamenting "their was no ‘ceasefire’" (to enable the LTTE to escape) which is the source of their "rage" towards Sri Lanka.
In fact the ICG report is a carbon copy of the US State Departments "report", they have merely re-rashed and re-packaged what was written (using the same aforemention "methods" of manipulating, exaggaerting and fbricating evidence).

The hard reality is the West could not care less how many civilians died or were saved but how to do their best to preserve the LTTE, preserve division, instability and war in Sri Lanka, all pivotal foreign policy tools used to control Sri Lanka. The hollow preaching about "civilian casualties", "human rights" and other "concerns" today are driven out of the desire to get revenge for Sri Lanka’s defiance, for Sri Lanka’s refusal to follow their "authority" and demands of pro-longing the war and enabling the LTTE leadership to escape thereby ensuring their control mechanism against Sri Lanka, the "alternative power", was some how intact (lest we forget the pilgrimage Milliband made to Sri Lanka to make this demand).

Robert Blake, David Milliband, prominent members of the Tamil diaspora, certain UN officials along with Western media and human rights organisations need to be held accountable and responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and human rights violation in Sri Lanka if justice is ever to be served to the people of Sri Lanka who have suffered at the hands of these war criminals and their assailants both within and out of Sri Lanka.

It is hilarious for the Tamils (and the West) to be “protesting” against Sri Lanka for a humanitarian catastrophe that they engineered on their own people to prolong war and misery in Sri Lanka, and as always without taking responsibility for their own actions they blame Sinhalese using inflated casualties numbers and other manipulative propaganda pieces. What must be remembered and not forgotten is that thousands of our soldiers died trying to ensure the safety of 300,000 civilians a sacrifice of which the high and mighty West would never consider even as an afterthought since the lives of their soldiers, and for that matter any white life, is more important than that of civilians and people of colour (best examples are Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam).

These peoples idea of

These peoples idea of "reconciliation" is to keep flames of hatred between communities burning and add some new ones if they can. If they are so bothered about "accountability" and "reconciliation" why did they not have this "UN panel" back in 2002 when we were told the "war was over"? How come none of these crusaders harassing the country today were ever interested in bringing any "accountability" or "reconciliation" back then when the LTTE was around? They were never interested in human rights violations and atrocities at that time because their pet tool was alive and doing its job for them.

The reality is Western countries are furious they no longer have a gun pointed at our heads to threaten our country with and our people are not subjected to eternal fear anymore, the threat of annihilation if we upset Tamils(i.e. the West) is gone as it turned out to be a hallow one. Remember the propaganda by Ranil, Colombians/UNP and the West about how powerful the LTTE was and if we go to war that would be the end of the Sinhala race? Most comical was to see all those whites back in May 2009 (specifically Catherin Philp of Times of London) who were condemning us for winning the war stating: “there are many Sinhalese who are now living in fear of the Government”. Why on earth would Sinhalese be in “fear” of their own Government? It reflects on these peoples own fears (as well as bankrupt politicians in Sri Lanka) that now they have lost their “alternative power” they can no longer induce fear on the people nor “tame” or “control” the Government so easily. It gets worse for them when the Government in power is a strong, patriotic and popular one, their attempts to control us through some lackey in Colombo is made even more difficult now without the LTTE “threat”. It is their anger over this loss of control and power (expressed through Tamils/LTTE/Colombians) that they are now going out of their way to get revenge by punishing Sri Lanka using fraudulent “human rights” reports and “war crimes” claims (which they themselves have made up and turned into “fact” through repetition – Goebbels would be proud).

Running in tandem to this is the fraudulent portrayal of Rajapakse as a “dictator” even though all evidence proves otherwise, this is done to discredit the Governments popularity and justify further punishment. Fascinatingly these are the same people who funded, backed and green lighted Fonseka’s coup and creation of a Military dictatorship, even though this Western coup was defeated and the people chose Rajapakse over their puppet the West goes around camouflaging and denying the democratic will of the people. These actions speak volumes of the Wests real love for democracy and human rights where the truth is blatantly hidden and a fraudulent image is projected that is beneficial only to the West and their manipulative agendas and hegemony. The message is clear: "continue to live with Tamil savagery, bus bombs, trains bombs, fear, instability and war or face economic sanctions and hardships. Defy us and you will be punished" .