Teacher assaults pupil while classmates cheer and laugh

A science teacher has been sacked after an amateur video of her beating up a 13-year-old boy was posted on YouTube.

Forty-year-old Sherri Davis from Houston, Texas, was fired on Tuesday after her school was shown video footage of her attacking pupil Isaiah Reagins.

According to local press, Davis became angry after Reagins teased one of his classmates. Before attacking, she shouted at him: "You want to fight a girl? Fight me".

Other teachers and adults were present when the assault took place. There was also CCTV footage of the incident but the school said it had been automatically wiped.

Davis had been placed on administrative leave after the attack on 29 April.

Both the school and the teacher are being sued by the mother of the victim.



Don't be so quick to judge

We have no idea what happened before the camera started rolling. That child who got slapped up may well have deserved it and more. It's time teachers were given the power to take the classromms back and shame on the mother for immediately wanting to sue the school and teacher. She probably needs a good slapping up and more. Shame on all you senseless liberals who are so quick to point the finger at the teacher!

Teacher Abuse In Schools

What this Black female teacher did was as sick and twisted as possible. It is also the epitome of females making excuses and trying to push the blame on everybody else but themselves.

It shows what is wrong with America, when a grown adult woman can blatantly assault a child on tape, and think she can give a few flimsy excuses to get out of trouble.

This female teacher abused her position, was clearly abusing and assaulting children, and lacked emotional control. What you saw on tape, was a monster, and there was several other factors going on it's creation.

This sick teacher also tried to present the situation that a White handicap child was being picked on (actually the boys were laughing at her dancing) and laughed at by Black kids as an excuse specifically for the consumption of Whites in order to get sympathy and leniency. This shows the twisted race thinking and American racist apartheid system at work.

The race or color of the children, does NOT matter. There is NO excuse for her physical assault on kids in her class. The child she ATTACKED, did NOT physically touch the White student, but laughed at her. A REAL and SANE teacher would have VERBALLY reprimanded the children and explained why they shouldn't tease handicap children, NOT go gangster thug on a boy she is 2X the size of.

This type of physical abuse does significantly perpetuate abuse and crime, regardless of color, because it perpetuates injustice and violence. Disgusting women of this abusive mentality, feel they are justified intimidating and physically abusing others.

Furthermore, I believe that these types of abusive prison guard antics were allowed by the school and more than a few WHITE administrators running the school knew, supported, and help perpetuate what was going on. Then people in the White community act surprised, even when the situation had been going for YEARS, with their full support and encouragement.

Had she not been caught on video, it appears this teacher would have continued as business as usual, and continued to be REWARDED and ENCOURAGED to abuse other Blacks by White administrators and Blacks that have foolishly and ignorantly sold their souls into a racist prison mentality system.

America needs to wise up and look at themselves in the mirror. They should look at their prison system mentality, cruelty, abuse, and also who is pulling the strings behind it.

This is sad, yes, but not

This is sad, yes, but not everything can be blamed on race. I think you need to "wise up".


i dont have an opinion on the matter, iam shocked. Violence against students has always happened the digital age will stop this ....i hope.

Did you heard about mobbing via Facebook?

The digital age will not change the violence i our hearts...


Now that teacher knew better then that..

ii hope she qot in trouble for it..
it aint even her child and she wanna touch him like that..
&& if that was me ii would jumped on her back and whoop the shxt out of her!!


Amazing that no one thought to step after it was clearly getting out of hand - including the cameraman.

teacher attacking pupil

Replying to the comment - 'Why didn't the cameraman step in?' Didn't he/she read it was captured on CCTV?!!

What we need is middle ground. USA seems to be too aggressive whereas UK is too 'nanny state'; hence the latter's high incidence of anti-social behaviour. Spare the rod (metaphorically, of course!) and you spoil the child. Constructive discipline that doesn't waiver; that's the answer. Not easy bringing up children in this day and age.

teacher attacking pupil

This is sad for so many reasons - A student attacked by a teacher, a teacher so frustrated by a student that she resorts to lashing out physically. This is a former teacher of the year. You do not earn that title if you are a slack impulsive person. There is a lot of competition and criteria for that honor.

Yet here we are watching it play out on video. What happened for things to get this far? Did this teacher lose it for no reason? I doubt it. Was there support from home and the administration? I guess time will tell, we don't know all the facts yet.

I hope this event does not result in a "blame the teachers" campaign. Our job is hard enough as it is. We need back up and support so things do not get to this level.

This is so sa but I am not

This is so sa but I am not surprised generally teachers are females and not all but a lot of them are so , but so mean to kids in the USA that I canot believe it. Theyshould hire more men they are more kind and gentle these people are very mean. And they are all looking after being succesful and keeping up with the stupids tests that they know children cannot respond, those kids are frustrated and they act out, They care about the tsts and the money the school gets nothing is about the kids. Men are better teachers.I been going through an internship in the USA and I am amazed. Could not believe it and in my country we think our system is bad, teachers always on strike, but at least they are sweet to our kids.