Where French kissing and wearing a thong can land you in prison

On Jumeirah beach, à Dubai. Photo posted on Flickr by Martin O’Connell.

A British woman was deported from Dubai on Friday for allegedly kissing a man on the mouth in public - a harsh reminder to the two million expats living in Dubai that a kiss can land them in prison.

The 26-year-old and her co-accused had their appeal upheld on 4 April after a woman accused them of kissing in a restaurant in the Gulf state. Charlotte Adams, who has now been expelled after completing her sentence, has accused Dubai of "hypocrisy" since her deportation.

The 26-year-old told a tabloid newspaper that hotels offer free alcohol to guests despite the fact that being drunk in public is considered an offence. She said "the laws need to evolve to match the culture here".

Hers is the not the first case of its kind: in September 2008, a British couple were deported for having sex on a beach, after avoiding sentences of three months in jail.

Last year alone, the Dubai police arrested 6,000 people for breaking the "code of conduct". The document, published by the executive council of Dubai, states: "Holding hands for married couples is tolerated but kissing and petting are considered an offence to public decency. (...) Beachgoers shall wear conservative swimwear (...) nudity is strictly forbidden and is liable to be punished by imprisonment or deportation".

On a public beach in Dubai. Photo posted 29 March 2009 on Flickr by Ben Visbeek.

Locals dressed in traditional clothing bring camels to attract tourists. Photo posted 23 Sept. 2008 on Flickr by Nina Wilschefski.

“It’s not only the tiny bikinis, but that they kiss and pet in public”

Lubna Abdulaziz is Emirati. She works in a bank in Dubai.

We're not usually offended by the behaviour of Westerners, but for around five years, it seems like they've become really careless. You see them in a shopping centre in really short shorts, or with a bare midriff, revealing a belly button piercing. A few months ago I got stuck in a hotel lift with two Europeans who were all over each other, oblivious to me, wearing the traditional abaya [black veil which covers the entire body, usually accompanied by a headscarf - see photos].

Emirati people travel a lot and we're open to different cultures and ways of living. Our beaches are almost all mixed except for a few private clubs reserved for women. But some of the Western women who sunbathe on our beaches we find offensive. It's not only the tiny bikinis, but that they kiss and pet in public. It's the tourists more than the expats, who have been here longer and are respectful of our customs.

When the British couple were deported for having sex on the beach in 2008, many of my expat colleagues were really shocked. I took the opportunity to give them some advice about how you are supposed to act in public here."

Emirati women prefer to come to the beach at sunset. Photo posted 7 May 2008 on Flickr by Karim Iliya.

In 40 degree heat on Jumeirah beach, Dubai. Photo posted 31 Dec. 2007 on Flickr by Rain Rannu.

“I was asked by police officers to cover my shoulders in a shopping centre”

Laurence Tissot is a French expat who's been living in the UAE for two years. She's a photographer and blogger.

I live two minutes from the beach. When I pass by, I'm often shocked to see tourists walking along in thong bikinis. I have to say that you rarely see locals sat next to tourists however; they don't want to have to look at all that bare flesh. They tend to come to the beach later, at sunset.  

I think that the rules on the beach are quite flexible. In shopping centres they're stricter. I was asked by police officers to cover my shoulders once when I was wearing a sleeveless top. But in general, they punish brazenness more than cool clothing."



(Sorry my English is not very good)

I lived in Dubai 8 years. I love Dubai and I respect the culture. When I read article about two people ( sex on the beach) that was wrong, but for kissing and put you in the jail. That is so crazy.

What I didn't like in Dubai.
You see kids in the cars standing or sitting in the lap of parents without seat belt most of them are Arabic people. Not, British not US not Western.

U.A.E. or Arabic people. Most of them like crazy car racing in the road. On the beach they are racing on the water- motor bike close to coast. Where the families is swimming. Lots of people tell them to stop or go further. But they jest ignore you or tell you *** ***.. Police ""nothing "".

I can go on and on and on what is going on in Dubai. Dubai is jest going crazy. And I want to thank you people who build this beautiful city and suffering for no paying. Without this people or experts Dubai will be boring.

And Dubai is not cheap city: food ,clothes, accommodations, schools are very expensive.

watch this video on youtube.

It's me again. Watch this video on you tube ( Sheikh Zaed Road Madness! ) and you know what I am talking about. And you will see they will not get nothing for this auction in the road. Because there are locals!!!!!. Dubai is crazy!!!! Idiots!

french kissing in dubai

If Dubai expels woman sgains kissing and bikinis so British must expel woman whit hicaps

This article is supposed to

This article is supposed to shock people ! Deported for kissing!!! Omg!! Thats crazy!
No it's not crazy. Foreigners and tourist alike must start respecting the culture. The uae government gave certain freedom but u should remember where you are. There arelimits! You shouldnt push the limits! Thats what foreigners do. Respect the culture of the country you live in or just go. Why do foreigners go there? Because they are well paid and not taxed. Thats the catch!

*'Don't drink alcohol, have

*'Don't drink alcohol, have sex or even hold hands': Foreign Office advice to keep Britons out of jail in Dubai

Alcohol is only allowed in licensed restaurants, pubs, clubs, private venues. And to drink at home, you must have a special alcohol licence. Alcohol can only be consumed by over 21s.

Drugs are strictly forbidden, and even having a residual amount in your bag or on clothing could result in a four-year jail sentence. Even if you are importing prescription drugs you may need to get permission from the UAE authorities first.

Sex outside of marriage is illegal and sharing a hotel room could land you in a police cell.

Holding hands is tolerated if you are married, but kissing and hugging is considered an offence against public decency.

Dancing is only allowed in the privacy of your home or at licensed clubs. Dancing in public is classed as indecent and provocative.

Offensive language, spitting and aggressive behaviour (including hand gestures) is though to be unacceptable. British offenders have been known to receive a six-month jail sentence for such an act and some have been deported.

Drink-driving is illegal and the UAE has a ZERO-tolerance policy. Even having the smallest amount of alcohol in your system is banned. Tailgating, speeding, racing, lane jumping, or using a mobile phone while driving are also against the law.

Addressing women in public, or taking their photo without permission is strictly frowned upon and it is forbidden to take pictures of government buildings.

Rules and laws in Dubai!

The rules and Laws for the U.A.E people are deferent and for the foreiners is another a story.



The human right to Speak up

The human right to Speak up in dubai, Stopped discrimination.

The question is....

why would any expat want to live in the UAE. The emirates are probably among the more tolerant and cosmoolitan countries in the Arab world, but that's not saying much. The entire Arab world is backward, intolerant, oppressive of women, and are generally medieval in outlook. They might build modern buildings and nave western-looking malls, they are still among the least desirable places in the world. It's a good thing they didn't give the man who kissed the woman 100 lashes and the woman who received it 500 lashes, because, as we know, the Arab-Muslim culture always blames the woman.

Yeah, yeah. I know. It's not as bad as Saudi Arabia, where an innocent rape is brutally punished with hundreds of lashes for being in the presence of men to whom she is not related.

you couldn't pay me a million dollars a month to live in those countries.

Arab Muslim culture

you dont come here to kiss and have sex in public places!! do you??? if you intend to do so do it in your bedrooms or in your home country streets where anyone can kiss/have sex with anyone even with animals in public places...this is your society...nothing to do with freedom or backwardness. Rather I would say that you have got inhuman feelings...you dont respect your bodies and souls. do not blame the middle eastern countries rather you stay in your home town...i know many westerners who like the middle eastern culture because it gives women the privacy, protection from evil people that you dont find in the western world. they treat women like a commodity and women there feel happy and i dont understand why? some westerners are here for money only because it is impossible for them to save money for their retimrement and good house, shopping money and kids education and so on. they just cant afford it there.