Dog-cruelty video sparks criminal investigation

While Saudi Arabia is hunting down the authors of an amateur video which showed them poaching endangered animals on a nature reserve, in the western city of Tepic, Mexico, local dog lovers have come out to protest a video of extreme cruelty to animals which a group of teenagers posted on Facebook.

Antonio Tello runs the blog Nayarit en Linea, where he posted the video.

A 17-year-old posted photos and a video of him and two friends using pit-bulls to extensively torture a street dog before leaving it for dead. [By posting the images] the heartless boys are clearly showing that they are well aware that there is no legal protection for living beings.

On Tuesday, around 300 people met, many of them with their pet dogs, in the park in front of the government palace to protest the video. A state representative came out to say that the criminals would be 'made an example of'. The local attorney general is now looking into the case. But animal cruelty is not yet a criminal offence in the state of Nayarit."

Meanwhile in United States, the Supreme Court has just brought an end to an animal-cruelty law which made it illegal to sell videos of animal torture, claiming that it went against the constitutional right to free speech.


The video that sparked the outrage

Warning: you may find these images upsetting

Tuesday’s protest against the abuse

Photo: Antonio Tello.


I've just read the comment

I've just read the comment about hanging and cutting the eye out of a puppy. These boys need to understand what pain is so that they never do this again.

What happened after?

Please tell me the puppy who got an eye cut out made it out alive. And please tell me the video above of the dog, that he made it out alive and the other 2 dogs and the stray have better homes. I forced myself to see just a few seconds of it. And NEED to know what happened to all 4 dogs.

Tepic Dog Torture

Can you say "sociopaths?" These boys need some serious punishment. I have to ask though, what kinds of families did these boys grow up in that they think these behaviors are acceptable?

What kind of values do these

What kind of values do these boys have that they take joy in the suffering of another living creature? That they inflict pain for fun. They should be made to pay for taking a life, they should suffer so that they know there are consequences to such horrific actions.

Tepic Dog Torture

I am SO glad something will be done to stop these monsters. This cruelty was absolutely above and beyond the limits of any imagination. They are also shown on facebook hanging and cutting out the eye of a puppy. I cannot believe these people! They MUST be stopped. Where are their parents??

ke malos la vdd....esperemos

ke malos la vdd....esperemos ke se haga justicia....y los ensierren por muxos anyos..hijos de su p*** * madre

Scum of the earth!!!


Good for you! Fight for that poor dog! Make your politician listen and do the right thing by the people! And name a law on behalf if that poor dog!!!! make sure he did NOT suffer/die so horribly for nothing!!

this is a sad video!! Just

this is a sad video!! Just because the dog is tinier than the others y? thats mean


If i was their amigos, i would hurt them with a can of beans. stupid sons of bithes!! they should have laws to enforce animal abuse and bruelty and have no mercey for abuser like these wet backs



I FUCKING AGREE WITH YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!